How to trace an 800 number

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You have received a call from 800 number and he didn't leave a message. You would be confused as to find who has called. Then you are not alone. If you search internet with the keywords "getting calls from 800 numbers", you will get to know that there are thousand so people facing the same issue. People are usually plagued by calls from telemarketers, phone companies, creditors, bill collectors and other organizations who hang up without leaving a message. However you don't have to worry, since there is a solution for this confusion.

Basically the first and the easiest step in finding out the root of an 800 number is by entering the number into a search engine. The company owning the particular 800 number would surely list it in their website and hence it becomes easy to find the owner that way. If other people also have been receiving calls from the same number, then it might be shown on a consumer complaint site too. Thus you can trace it down.

Earlier it was really tough to find the owners of the 800 numbers. Years ago, people used to flip through a phone book hoping to see the number that has been contacting them. Now the scenario has greatly changed. These days the easiest way to find to whom does an 800 number belong; all you have to do is to use a reverse telephone look up. These telephone books can be easily found in internet using a web browser. This reverse telephone book searches through the phone book in order to locate the number for you. Though some of the providers charge a fee, the fee for the search is quite reasonable. Some services would ask for a fixed fee it might change according to the services that you choose for. But there are even some reverse phone book services that are absolutely free.

You can simply enter the phone number into the designated search box and click enter once you find a service provider that matches your criteria. The results would be displayed. You would get the required information and depending upon the service that you use the information would be in detail with the number beside the name of the owner or the company. Usually the services provide information like the owner's name would be displayed with the address history of the phone number.

There is yet another simple option; you can simply call the number from your phone. Usually the business concern would identify themselves with their name. If they don't reveal the name, you can ask them for it citing that you had received a call from them previously. Most of the 800 numbers are from business concerns, so this method would surely get you to their name at least. However if you don't wish to call them back worrying if they are creditors, then you can try from a different number and can even give them a fake address and name. Mostly the operators would provide you with information if you ask them politely. The fake name and number would help you in finding the information without any trace.

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