How to Teach Sustainability to Children

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A lot of us, whether at home or at work, are now familiar with sustainability and what practices it entails. But have we ever stopped to think if sustainability itself also needs to be sustained?

Yes, it does. Like values, sustainability has to be instilled among children so that they, along with the next generations, would know what it is, how important it is, and what practices define it. Sustainability should be taught among children. With this in mind, how exactly is sustainability taught among children?

First, plant the seeds of sustainability in their minds. Children are great learners. They’re like sponges, absorbing and learning whatever they can at a tremendous rate. So while they’re still young, help develop in them a strong appreciation for nature and the environment.

Next is to let them learn through experience. Sure, books or e-books about animals and nature are okay. However, learning is better if there’s a first-hand experience. Take them to the zoo or any ocean adventure spots. Let them learn how to care for another living being by giving them a pet. Take them to the beach and show them how beautiful nature is. Go camping if they’re old enough to do so. Most children nowadays have become so much engrossed in video games and technology that they became non-perceptive. Let them experience nature and the thrill of it.

Next, discuss food chain. It’s better if you discuss it through drawings. Let them understand that different species rely on each other to survive. One good topic on this is about plants and photosynthesis. Tell them how plants need the air we exhale to live and produce food, and how we need plants to eat and breathe oxygen. If possible, make a gardening project with them. Teach them recycling and the value of it. Incorporate it into everyday activities. One good project is by doing a fund raiser through collecting recyclables and selling them to junk shops.

And last but not the least, lead them through examples. Children are pretty good observers and are adept in retaining information. If you teach them one thing and you do the opposite, chances are they’d disregard what you’ve taught.

These are just some of the ways on how to teach sustainability to children. If you are a business owner, it’s probably better if you also think of ways on how your company could help educate children on sustainability. You could probably help fund a school field trip to the zoo or co-sponsor a summer camp. Any small deed would suffice. As said, a seed is more than enough.


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