How to Talk to a Child About 2012

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By Gregg Prescott, M.S.

The year 2012 is continually being portrayed as an cataclysmic doomsday from the main stream media and is reinforced by means of the plethora of doomsday internet websites that present a fear-ladened viewpoint of what the Mayan calendar and 2012 represents. Our kids are subject to this brainwashing on a consistent basis and will most likely follow what they've heard if their guardian(s) don't talk to them about what 2012 basically represents.

Personally, I believe that a person should prepare his or herself sufficiently on this area before referring to this topic to your young children. You won't uncover any relevant facts on the news or by the Discovery Channel. I've watched the tv documentaries and EVERY TIME, they relate 2012 to phrases such as apocalypse or end of the world. Why? Because it's the undertaking of the main stream media to market Tension. That's why you do not feel good after watching the six o'clock news.

The movie, 2012, was filled with doom and gloom and did not foretell an precise picture of what "2012" basically implies. Whilst the special effects were superb, most of the premise behind the film was flawed. The major issue is that you can find no Mayan prophecies in the Popol Vuh (the Mayan Creation Myth), the Dresden Codices or the Chilam Balam that claim that 2012 might be an apocalypse or doomsday. That is the authentic reality.

There are various other indigenous civilizations that also possess a 2012 end date to their calendar and systems. None of those end dates are apocalyptic.

2012 implies the end date of the Mayan Long Count calendar, that's an approximate 26,000 year cycle that's broken into five equal intervals. Despite the proven fact that it's true that each of the preceding periods concluded in cataclysm, the fifth "world" will not. This is understood to be the end of the earth "as we know it".

We are currently observing a period in time that's unprecedented in earth alterations including tsunamis, 7.0+ earthquakes, sinkholes, large land "cracks", sun flares, mass animal die offs, and so forth... These modifications are representing a change in humanity in addition. People are standing up to oppressive governments and therefore are discovering the hidden truths behind religion and politics. We're mastering info at an astonishing rate and it is expanding our awareness exponentially at the same time.

In alchemy, there's a saying, "as above, so below". This may perhaps also be internalized as, "as on the exterior, so within". Our entire solar system is going through dramatic climate modifications, and these alterations are being reflected in how we perceive ourselves and our surroundings. This is why many people are going through unique lifestyle alterations, which include ending a detrimental partnership, unemployment, financial tension, etc...

It is the time when individuals ought to reflect inside in opposition to relying on the opinion of the main stream media for any facts.

How we take care of this with our adolescents is quite subjective, depending on the child's age. A child less than 10 years old only needs to realize that there are no prophecies that declare the world will conclude in 2012. Give your child the reassurance that she or he has nothing to be worried about and the only thing that's important is TODAY. Then ask your youngster, "What would you like to do right now?" That should get their interest off of 2012 and onto their individual needs.

We can converse a little even more to preteens and adolescents about 2012, such as discussing how they feel about it and where they gathered their info. Understanding is the key to this conversation, so be willing to answer their queries. In the occasion you do not know an answer, be honest and say, "I'm not sure but we can both look into it." This will strengthen the bond between mother or father and youngster by actively performing this together. Adolescents may also be advised how none of the Mayan predictions claim that 2012 is likely to be cataclysmic. It's also essential to present your adolescent or teen the reassurance that 2012 is not a apocalyptic situation.

Depending on the maturity stage of your youngster, you could additionally speak about the world changes with them since it is necessary to find out how these are associated to sociable modifications along with changes in our solar system. Be sure to use discretion because some youngsters may seem mature, but are not ready for discussing this kind of data.

Recall when you were a teen. We thought we knew everything. Quite a few adolescents won't speak about this matter to their mothers and fathers because they possibly never heard of it or have by now formed their conclusions. I will not advise forcing them to speak about 2012. They're going to speak about it when they are ready, just be sure you're equipped as a parent to answer their questions.

Gregg Prescott is a child & family therapist who works predominantly with at-risk youth and their families. He is the author of 100+ Parenting Mistakes and has written a successful program designed to help at-risk youth, children going through the reunification process and parents in need of parenting classes. His websites, and give an accurate description of what 2012 truly means and are an excellent point of reference when researching 2012.

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