How to Take Care of Your Phil and Teds Stroller

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For everyday use, Phil and Teds stroller is a very excellent choice. The easy to rotate wheels and inline design make this stroller ideal for any parent looking to move around with some ease. This type of stroller is able to accommodate anyone from an infant, singleton or multiples and is extremely versatile. If you want to have continuous use for your stroller, taking good care of it will make it last longer.

One of the proper ways to take care of your Phil and Teds stroller is proper storage away from sharp objects, dust and other hard objects that might deform the stroller. So, always store your stroller in a clean and safe place. Besides, improper storage might also lead to corrosion of some parts of your stroller giving it an old and dull look. You can use a plastic cover to protect the condition of your stroller.

Keep the stroller away from air conditioning vents and also away from heat. Basically, keep it away from anything that might cause a change in temperature. Extreme temperatures might lead to cracking and warping of your stroller. Also, avoid mildew by storing your stroller in a very clean and dry place.

To make sure that your Phil and Teds stroller remains in good condition, always clean it. This will keep off all the dust, mud or any other unwanted particles. If you pass in areas that could contain some mud, be sure to clean your wheels as soon as you get home before storing. You could use some water, a piece of cloth and detergent to wash the stroller. Make sure you dry the stroller before storing it in a safe place again. Whether deep or small cleaning, make sure to remove all unwanted particles like bread crumbs from your stroller.

Keep the fabrics clean at all times. You can either wipe or wash with some cool water. This will avoid shrinking. However, clean your Phil and Teds stroller parts separately to avoid ruining parts of your stroller.

For proper maintenance, replace all worn out parts on time. This will keep your stroller working properly. So, clean and oil various parts of your stroller that may need oiling to aid proper movement. Only allow the required weight in the stroller to avoid your fabrics from wearing out.

Make sure your Phil and Teds stroller is used solely for the intended purpose. For instance, you cannot use the ordinary stroller to jog with your baby as it is not designed to endure any jogging speeds or bumps. If you were to use a jogging stroller for your everyday jog, you will end up overworking the stroller thus making it age faster but, it makes the jogging stroller safe to use and for its intended purpose.

If you have to travel, make sure to carry all the required parts that came with your Phil and Teds stroller. For instance, if the stroller came with a storage bag, be sure to include it too. This will avoid any undue stress on your stroller and keep it safe.

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