How to Style Hair For Women With Oval Facial Shapes

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Depending on the shape of your face, certain hairstyles may accentuate your features better than others, or possibly play up a flaw more than we would like. If you were born with an oval face shape, you are lucky because this facial shape is the most adaptable shape when it comes to hairstyles, and has been said to be the most appealing facial shape in general. An oval face's length is equal to one and a half times the width, leaving it perfectly proportioned, allowing almost any coiffure to flatter the face easily. When looking for a hairstyle, you want to be sure that the hair is going to sit on your face properly, highlighting your best features. The oval shape allows almost any style to be used to accomplish this, with many variations to choose from.

So what exactly are the top hairstyles for women with oval faces? All of the styles mentioned below will accentuate your oval face, enabling the structure of your face to shine.

Short length hairstyles draw attention to the eyes, and include a short-layered bob, an inverted bob, a pixie, or cropped cut.

Mid-length hair styles like ones featuring subtle layers curled out or upward offer an excellent option as well. An additional alternative is a chin-length bob with side bangs, as this will serve to frame your oval facial shape and accentuate your most attractive attributes.

Very long hair styles encompass styles with a side part and side swept bangs, or a hairstyle with a distinct side part and soft curls, which in some circles is called a retro mermaid. Both hairstyles can draw attention to the eyes and the structure of the face as well.

Many women will cut bangs to hide their "flaws", such as a long face, or large forehead. With an oval facial structure, side bangs with longer layers will produce an excellent look. Heavy bangs, on the other hand, will detract from the oval face shape by having the unwanted effect of making the face appear heavier. Putting too much hair on the very top of your head might cause your face to look even more elongated than normal. An updo, if your hair is long enough to create one, will also look great with or without bangs, and can accentuate your oval facial shape.

An oval shaped face leaves many options available when it comes to selecting a hairstyle. Fringe, wispy, or side swept bangs are ideal to reduce the appearance of an elongated face, or a wide forehead. Additionally, thick blunt bangs will wash out the shape of your face. Ensuring hair is kept away from your face will let the natural beauty of your oval shaped face shine through, and will highlight all of your best features.


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