How to Stretch Your Photo Onto Canvas with CanvasColour

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Step 1

Cut the canvas allowing 6 inches or more of free canvas. This is so when you come to stretch it you have something to grab hold of.

Step 2

Now Assemble your frame. Most frames available to buy are 38mm in depth and come in a variety of size options. These frames are usually referred to as stretcher bars on most supplier sites and also come in smaller depths. Each stretcher bar has a groove which has a corresponding piece of wood which slots in. Sometimes the bars can be stiff and need to be worked in with some force.

Step 3

Position the frame over the canvas (making sure the frame is the correct way round) and the picture is face down.

Step 4

Start by pulling one end of the canvas around the frame (make sure the frame and canvas do not move out of alignment). Pull it tight and put a couple of staples through the canvas and into the frame.

Step 5

Now do the same on the opposite side making sure you pull the canvas as tight as possible (special canvas pliers are recommended to get the best finish)

Step 6

Turn the canvas round and put a few more staples in the remaining two sides, remembering to pull it as tightly as possible.

Step 7

To do the corners, start by pulling the loose canvas around the corner of the frame. Pull it tight round the corner then fold over the top of the frame and place a staple to hold it down. Pull the second loose piece of canvas so it runs up along corner of the frame, fold it over and staple down. Repeat the last step with the other 3 corners.

Step 8

Now place staples in empty spaces to hold the canvas down (making sure the canvas is being pulled tight). Using the wedges provided with the stretcher bars, hammer them into the corners of the frame (this ensures the canvas is stretched as tight as possible).

Step 9

Place finishing tape around the back of the canvas to neaten it up, if desired. When you are finished, flick the canvas to make sure it is taut (it should sound similar to a drum)

However, if this all sounds very daunting then head over to to get one made professionally at a price you can afford, with the quality you would expect.

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