How To Stop a Divorce

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If you're wanting to stop a divorce, you have to encourage the person who

wants to divorce you to give it another try. This isn't always 100% doable,

but it's definitely essential if you plan on stopping a split. A divorce can

be halted at virtually any stage before it's filed or right before it needs

the final paperwork. The sooner you can halt a divorce, the more prevelent

it will be that the divorce won?t be restarted, at least anytime soon.

So to impede a divorce, you must persuade your partner to give the

relationship another go. If you have been begging and pleading him/her to

give you one mor try, stop now. This might feel counterproductive, as if now

they'll have less resistance and it will make it easier for them to divorce

you. However, recognize your begging probably wasn't doing a damn thing but

convincing them that a divorce is a good idea anyway. Nobody wants to be

around someone who is behaving that way. Neediness is not the answer no

matter how much you feel it on the inside.

So what will make a difference; changing the way you act. If you can start

acting more mature and behaving in a way where you are fun and positive to be

around, it will often surprise the other person and help stop divorce. And

after you've shown you're pleasant to be around, explain that you really don'

t want the divorce and you want another chance in a calm way. Just make it

clear that you're hurt, heartbroken, and really want another chance. You

could be surprised by how the other person reacts when you change your


Another way to show maturaty and that you've changed is by suggesting marital

or couples counseling to halt the divorce. Counseling has proven to be

effective for million of couples and your relationship will more than likely

benefit from it. Besides the progress your relationship will make in the

couseling sessions, it will also buy you time before they file for or attempt

to finalize a divorce to convince them to give you and the relationship

another chance.

During therapy you'll have the opportunity to demonstrate to the person why

they fell in love with you. This is very important. You can prompt them to

recall why you're in a relationship in the first place. And if you can

demonstrate an honorable effort in wanting to deal with the difficulties that

arise during the counseling (many probably will) that might be enough to

convince the other person not only to stop divorce temporarily, but


When you succeed and halt a divorce, you have to recognize that the person

was about to divorce you and it would be easy enough for them to change his

or her mind and hold off on filing for divorce. Having already thought about

divorce and maybe even having gone far enough as to file for divorce at one

time makes the decision to file again easier. Just be aware of the condition

of the relationship, and continue counseling as long as neccesary.

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