How to Stay Beautiful As You Age: Wrinkle Removal and More

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With people living longer and longer, there are also more opportunities to look older and older. That said, here are some tips to help you look good longer.

1. Diet: Eating lots of fruits and vegetables, little meat, and lots of whole grains is a great way to give your body all the vitamins it needs. Vitamins E and K will help your hair, skin and nails look youthful. A multivitamin is also a good idea.

2. Water: Drink lots to flush your body of all the impurities it encounters. As you age, your skin loses elasticity because it can't retain moisture as well. Water helps to overcome this problem.

3. Exercise: At least three times a week you should exercise in order to keep your heart healthy and your body toned. And it doesn't have to be marathon-style running or serious weight lifting - instead, walk a mile or two is a good way to get your heart pumping.

4. Sunscreen: Exposure to too much sun will make sun spots when you're older. Skin cancer is also a major risk for those who don't like to cover up.

5. Makeup: Less is more. Don't get cakey, and don't apply too much eyeliner. Use neutral tones like brown and beige. Lipsticks in softer colors like peach and light pink are better for women older than thirty, and forget matte eye shadow.

6. Moisturize: You're never too young to start moisturizing. Treat your skin well and it will show.

7. Be Happy: If you scowl, you will have to seek wrinkle removal sooner rather than later. Don't build lines in your forehead by being miserable. Smile and feel the lines disappear. You will also attract people in a way that makes you feel even more confident.

8. Best Botox: If you aren't satisfied with the results of these skin care tips, visit the best botox center you can find. A few shots of the best botox make wrinkle removal a cinch.

9. Stay up With Trends: Maybe a new pair of jeans or boots is what you need. Check out your closet and donate what you don't wear anymore. Changing your wardrobe can make you feel more beautiful than ever.

10. Haircut: Don't feel like you have to chop your hair just because you reach a certain age. Find a cut that's flattering and sexy. Don't dye it extreme colors, and don't feel bad about letting it grow long and gray.

As long as you feel good about how you look beauty is close. Confidence radiates outward and is more attractive than a beautiful insecure person. So don't worry, look your best, and be happy!

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