How To Spend Fun Time Online With Girl Games

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Do you remember how fascinated we were, when we were kids, by the gorgeous dresses Cinderella or Snow White used to wear on the covers of our favorite fairy tale books? Nowadays girls get to se their imagination loose admiring the gowns the beautiful models in the online girl games wear. Moreover, they also get to interact and come up with their own original ideas of bight gowns or casual outfits!

What woman wouldn't admit that she used to get caught playing with her mother makeup products? Now girls have a more efficient and funnier way of learning the main beauty tricks they are just so eager to discover: the online makeup game! They can find some of their teen idols, such as Lady Gaga in the Lady Gaga make up game and use them as models for testing their skills as young makeup artists. The eccentric celebrity I have just mentioned will then wear in succession a sheer pink lipstick, some original little face paintings, different eye shadow colors and so on till, till the player discovers which style would suit her after all!

A this age, girls begin experience all kind of new feelings, emotions: they fall in love, they have huge crushes on their favorite celebrity idols and so on. This leads to a new very important concern for them: how could they use clothes as to catch attention, as to look good on their first date. The couple dress up game comes as a sort of an anchor when they feel like drowning in a sea of desperation and low self esteem. Dressing up the boy and the girl in this game, combining the stylish clothes and accessories they have there, girls have the chance to discover what outfits would look best on them on their first romantic date.

The great thing about these online games focused especially on girls is that many of them present situations highly related to the real world, to a any ordinary teenage girl life situations: going on a date, getting ready for school, taking a walk in the park with their dogs etc. You can find the latest of these actions best given by the girl in the park dress up game. The girl player gets to learn what are the outfits suitable for this kind of context, what accessories would go with the combinations they come up with and all sorts of fashion tips and tricks.

We would be quite unfair if we sustained that at the age of 13/14 years, girls get out of childhood completely and they become some teenagers obsessed strictly with fashion and makeup. No, they still preserve some on the childhood innocence, they are still looking to amuse themselves, to have fun playing games which give them the possibility to play with adorable characters, like pets and to develop their skills. The puppy maze game is the perfect example for that. Its "star actor" is a cute looking puppy and its main purpose is to give an impulse to all the intelligence related abilities, like perspicacity, attention etc.

Have you ever considered girl games as a sort of a modern replica of the old fairy tales? Since kids are far more practical, far more connected to the real world, these online games become a sort of a concession between the real world the situations, the outfits from the games are taken from and the imaginary world, where girls are transposed once they start playing.

Test you skills as a make up artist playing the make up games then have some fun with the goofy doggy from the puppy maze. If a major romantic date is knocking at you door, you can find some great fashion tips playing the couple dress up game.

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