How to solve a rubix cube with skills

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Ever since the rubix cube was invented it was associated with high brain skills. People think that if you know how to solve a rubix cube than you have to be smart, but sometimes this is not the exact true, in the next few lines I will reveal to you the most important skills you have to acquire in order to answer a simple question - how to solve a rubix cube?

It is well known fact that you do have to have some good mathematic skills, because after all, the rubix cube game is all about playing with the numbers. However it also required a good logic. So even if you use a little bit of common sense you are on the road to success on how to solve the rubix cube.

Another good skill that will help you to solve a rubix cube is a good memory. There are two different uses for that. The first one will help you to solve it through algorithms. An algorithm is a bunch of rules that if apply correctly you basically get any desired position from any given state. The second important use of good memory is when you solve the rubix cube blindfolded. Yes it is possible, but you have to remember not only the starting position of the cube, but also what is the position after you twisted it and so own.

Planning your future moves is another important rubix skill, it is like playing chess games, and you always have to think few steps forward because if you do not, you will always go backward and backward and never see any progress, just a mess and frustration.

The last and the most important skill you have to acquire, is learning how to have fun. People are all running to the fast solution of the cube that they forget why they bought the rubix cube from start - to enjoy.

How To Solve A Rubix Cube - The full guide on Rubix Cube solution.

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