How to Settle IRS Tax Debt For a Fraction of What is Owed

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Do you have tax problems? Well you are not alone in fact I was exactly where you are last year and now I have a settlement that I can live with that takes care of my past taxes and allows me enough breathing room to pay and stay current with my new taxes. How did I do it? This article walks you through the steps from the initial fear to a settlement that was a fraction of what was owed, I think it will help you.

Settle IRS Tax Debt

My husband and I have been in business for 19 years, our business supports 6 employees and we are very proud of this fact. But the problem was that while we had a long history of staying in business, we were getting killed by taxes. We simply could not keep up with the state, local, federal, and payroll taxes and we started falling behind.

It was hard because we had both been raised to pay our bills on time and now years were passing and the taxes were just too high. We could not get caught up.

Then the letters from the IRS started coming and I don't want to say we ignored them but I guess this is what it looked like. What really happened is we did not take any action because we did not know what to do. We hoped we could pay them off but then another letter would come and it got very confusing and scary and in a way paralyzing because we didn't have any idea where to start to make the problem right.

One day I got a visit from an IRS agent at my home. He came to the door and showed his badge. I was terrified! This same day we realized the problem was out of control and we got online and found a tax consulting company. This was instant relief! The main thing they did for us was took over communication with the IRS on our behalf. We no longer had to feel intimidated by the IRS because these guys understood how the IRS worked and what papers to file.

They negotiated our case for us, kept us updated, wiped out tens of thousands of dollars in interest and penalties and we ended up owing about one-fourth the original cost and got a payment plan we could live with. My best advice...don't let this problem grow, get online and find a tax consultant from a reputable company today you will not believe how much weight it lifts off your shoulders.

Do not try to settle your tax debt alone. Get IRS tax relief from the Best Tax Attorney to save money, time and frustration.

If you have a business, find a reputable Corporate Tax Lawyer and let them settle your tax debt with the IRS for you.

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