How To Sell Photos In The Dangerous World Of Wedding Photography!

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While wedding photography is a very competitive business, if you are determined you can learn how to sell photos in this market. It is, of course, not for the faint hearted. Ideally, you will have many other less taxing assignments under your belt before you attempt a wedding. At the end of the day, this is one job you just can't afford to get wrong. There's no going back for a re shoot if you make a mess of any of the shots - and you may find yourself under threat of death (or worse) at the hands of the bride and groom - plus their families.

One main hurdle for wedding photography is that you will need to use, at the very least, semi-professional equipment. Let's be honest, if you turn up with a standard compact camera, no one will take you seriously. Having decent gear goes a lot further than just stopping you looking stupid. Wielding impressive looking equipment does mean that everyone will know you're in charge. When you start ordering people into position for the standard (and not so standard) shots, people will actually listen to you.

Of course, excellent photography skills are required as a minimum if you are going to get the job done. It's not just about knowing how to sell photos. A wedding (from start to finish) will necessitate a lot of different skills. You'll need to know how to use flash in low light conditions - plus situations where you still need to get a shot in low light, without flash (for example in the church). You'll need to master some tricky shots, such as recording the moment when the bride and groom get drowned in confetti. These, again, are real reasons why you need serious equipment to be able to do justice to every situation.

Wedding Photography can be a lucrative endeavour - but you have to work hard for the money. You tell anyone that you are going to want $1,000 to photograph their big day, and they are, justifiably, going to expect your blood, sweat and tears in return. That said, once the day is done, you have reviewed the shoot in PhotoShop, chosen the best shots, and had the final album created for the happy couple - you will get a deep felling of satisfaction if you pull off a good job. Plus, of course, your bank balance will appreciate it too.

So, if you are feeling brave, and are confident enough in your photographic skills that you can do justice to such an event, why not give it a try. One way to begin is to 'volunteer' to photograph a friend or relative's wedding. You may have to let them have it as a freebie, to convince them entirely. However, the bonus for you is that you get the experience, plus (if it all works out well) some excellent promo shots for your own portfolio. You will have learnt a whole lot more about how to sell photos in the wedding industry.


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