How to self-publish a book on iShook?

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Gone are the days when young aspiring writers had to run frequently from places to places to get a book published. The idea of traditional publishing is itself irksome as you have to walk on the path of rules set by the publishers. When a writer aspires to become a well-known author, the process of a getting a book published is somewhat similar when you're buying a real estate property. This commonly involves searching for a trusted agent who can look out for suitable publishers for your sample copy. Even in this case, publishers agree to publish you copy only when they find your copy worthwhile that will compel readers to purchase your book. Of course, the money making factor is very less as some royalties also belong to publishers. But today, writers are taking the road less traveled thanks to the proliferation of smart devices, internet and digitalization. You as a writer can now self-publish a book that lets you have a complete control over how your book cover should look, content editing, marketing and promotion activities. There are many services out there that gives you the freedom to publish you own book in both hard copy and ebook format.

However, these sources charge around $1000 and more for book publishing. iShook has developed a social and content integrated platform that lets content developer to self-publish manuscripts with not limit at just $99.

The future of ebooks indicates using social media to engage avid readers with each other on a single platform. To set the ball rolling towards this innovative approach, iShook has for the first time incorporated social media to pave the way for an interactive, social reading experience.

It is the only ebook application that enables you to read books and engage with your social media friends. In addition, iShook has developed tools for readers and writer to share on iShook by other social media house.

iShook is entirely familiar that aspiring writers need a funnel through which they can showcase their creative work straight to readers and be touch with readers as well. The possibilities of enabling writers to share their stories are limited, thus iShook has been set up with the aim of encouraging fair play among writers and publishers.

Below are the benefits authors can reap from iShook application:

1. For those who are excited to publish your own book, iShook specially offers The Content Developer Program for Writers that allows authors to submit their copy in EPUB format.
2. Independent writers can submit as many books for the entire year no matter what kind of genres you focus on whether it is fiction, non-fiction, mystery, horror, religious, business, educational, classics, or biographies.
3. As iterated earlier, the application also lets an author to market and promote their books by uploading Banner Text or by releasing a video of an upcoming book on YouTube.
4. Each Author has a wire section and they can see Social feeds with the help of iShook.
5. On iShook, each new title is displayed in the Featured section for not more than days. Therefore, whenever author self-publishes a book, it will be featured in the section for 14 days; however, they also have the flexibility to extend the days if they wish to.
6. Before a person can write, he needs to know how to read. Similarly, to self-publish on iShook Application, a person needs to become an iShook User through a simple sign-up process to become an Author.

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