How to Select the Best T-Shirt Designs

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There several things to know about how to select the best T-shirt designs. You want to make sure the artwork is something that you enjoy looking at. Artwork can range anywhere from political ideas to abstract. The fonts must be easy to read and that the entire ensemble makes sense. It all depends on what youíre looking for in the design.

Fonts are probably the most important aspect of a T-shirt design. Your font has to match the message you wish to convey on the T-shirt. If your message is something playful, a more script or bubble font would fit. If the message is something serious, typically anything like Times New Roman can get the message across. Whatever style of message you are trying to convey, be sure the font fits the artwork.

Uneven fonts make any design look wrong. Tracking and Kerning is important for completed designs to pop and look professional. Tracking means to adjust the spacing of letters for the entire word or sentence. You donít want your fonts too spaced out, or so tight that they run into each other. Of course, if that is part of the design, be sure your words are still readable.

Kerning is the spacing between two letters at a time. This can be handy when youíre trying to space some letters that may be too close or too far from each other. Sometimes worded messages can be ruined or misinterpreted by bad kerning. If it is part of the design, be sure it still makes sense and works with your message.

Phrasing, or line breaking, is another important aspect of designing for T-shirts. You donít want your words to stop at the wrong break line, especially if youíre putting a joke on your T-shirt. Proper break lines ensure that your worded message is properly delivered and makes sense to viewers.

Before sending your T-shirt off to print, remember to look at your design in different ways. Check it upside down, and look at it in a mirror. This will help you determine if there are any necessary changes you need to make to either the artwork, or the wording.

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