How To Save Health Care

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Saving Health Care in this country Has Become a bit controversial. i think i have found away to make it cheaper and everyone is cover. They Say the insurance company's are the problem.Well maybe they are .it Don't help That The Hospitals Charges 15.00$ for a bandand.and so ect.........

My Idea is why not Cut The insurance company's Out of the loop . why do We Send our money to a insurance company then go to a Hospital to get treatment.then the hospital send our bills to insurance company's. then the insurance company's send the money back to a hospitals or doctors. (makes no scene) why Cant Business and people just send the money right to the Hospitals in there states or county that they live in. Why cant our hospitals invest this money and make a profit to cover people who cant afford Coverage.

This Solves many issues in today's health care The Way i see it !! Every time there is a 3rd party involved Who needs to make a profit.Prices are going to go Higher.(too many hands in the cookie jar). Everybody Want's to make money.Health Care is not about money. It Is About Saving lives,Helping People Who are in pain or injured.

If we Cut out Sending our money to insurance company's and send it right to hospitals it would Save Billions and billions of dollars that the hospitals could invest on The Profits the hospitals makes , could then cover people who cant afford it. Nothing would change in health care everyone would keep there same doctor and no government to tell hospitals let that person die because we cant afford to pay for that .

if the hospitals lose money then it is no one fault but theirs . if the government would take everything They Spend on medicare and Medicaid and split it up among the 1000 to 6000 hospitals around the U.S then i think What we pay the hospitals and what government sends them should pay Every Last Person Health care in this country .

If you Need To go outside your hospital to see anther doctor then that doctor sends a bill to your county hospital.

To me. This seems like a better system. Less Hands in the cookie jar .more cookies to go around . or in this case billions and billions of dollars.Drugs and drugs supply's would have to come down Now these company would be Competing for the 1 to 6000 hospitals to buy there products. The hospitals would be watching their bottom line. The hospitals Would Invest in all the new Drugs and drugs supply's to keep you living in the county for it best care and services.

You Might Think .. WOW That would put a lot of People Out of a job ....Well Not So .

The hospitals would have to hire lawyers,and administrators and investments company's and so on too track and keep up with all the new Found Wealth they have been in trusted with.

I See a lot of + things with this system.

1) Everyone Would be cover

2) No More Paying CEO'S Millions to run a company To Take your money Then pass it back to a hospital and make a profit on it .

3) hospitals wont send you a bill for work that was not done. They would only be cheating them self .

3) Better Care . Government Wont be telling doctors what is cover and what is not .it would be up to a board in the hospitals. Doctors and nurses.

4) NO MORE PAPER WORK . if u want to see what a hospital has done then login to there site and look at the services that was done. We Call That BILLBEGONE.

5) hospitals make a profit and i don't see y they can't. insurance company's do it every day at to the tune of 39% per year. (so i hear) .hospitals can make the same or if not more.

6) No Pre- condition's are rejected if ran by a hospitals .they want to keep you alive to keep paying your premiums.

7) medicare and Medicaid would be GONE Every one in The U.S.A Would get Equal Care.
8) It Would not be ran from by government.(state,local,fed) but by Doctors.

9) if you or your company sends the insurance company's 400$ a month why can't u just send that money straight to the hospital in the area you live in .(makes sense to me )

I don't know the Numbers that we Send Every Year in health cost in this country.i guess it would be Trillions and trillions of Dollars.

how much of that money go's to insurance company's me! Billions and Billions. if we take that billions and send it to a hospital just think how many people that could save or cover.

I Do know this: The government Can't RUN A DAM Thing right. We don't need government health care if we take all the money for medicare and madicade, insurance company's and send it right to hospitals and cut out the middle man (insurance company's)out .. Trillions would be saved and millions and million of Lives would be saved.

if the insurance company's are the problem. Then Why Have them!!!!

Let The hospitals take all the risk With (investments,Care,tech,doctors,nurses,Aumbalance,Drugs and so on........)

Seems to me that insurance company's are contractors and hospitals are sub-contractors that get paid buy the contractor ( insurance company's). Why Not Just Hire the sub-contractors and cut out the contractor.

Look: Seance the hospitals are charging insurance company's one price for people who have insurance. to make up the difference for people who don"t have insurance. then it seems to me to send the 1 to 6000 hospitals the money for All of it...

So Now the hospitals are more like the insurance.Cutting out the middle man.

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