How to retain a cell phone distributor?

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In most businesses today, the companies are focusing on their customer retention plans. Most of them use different criterion and procedures to remain in touch with the customer to fulfill its desires for ultimate retention of them. Another raising fact coming into modern business networking is not only the customer retention. Yes! You cannot generate good profits by only focusing on customer retention, another important thing is retaining distributor for your good profits.

Cell Phone industry is earning a huge profit in modern business networking. The way you advertise your product through different sources of marketing is essential but what about your distribution system. It is true that distributor is not responsible to increase your sale and market your product; this is your duty to increase these elements. For how much time period a distributor will retain with you? The answer is 3 months "Sad but true". Then you will go find out a new distributor for your cell phones. Probably, the question raise in your mind is that why they do so? Let me answer your question with an example, take two companies with similar product line of cell phones. One is providing heavy commissions and other is providing commission along with the training procedures to deliver its products. The difference stands in training of distributor in this example. Training is not only the factor through which you can capitalize your distributors, some other factors like nurturing, trust and influence is also vital.

The first thing is the training of yourself, while recruiting a distributor the dimensions you will vary will be a distributor's quality check and industry knowledge. In cell phone markets, distributors play a role of marketing partners with the company while in most businesses the sale and promotion of the product depends upon the company's marketing strategies. While recruiting a distributor or having an initial conversation, you should ask the distributor to write down the questions regarding the product and its application. For example, a cell phone introducing a new software application in it will be marketed by the company on advertisement but the other object is to train the distributor about it by giving a brief introduction about the product usage. In this way, a distributor will have interest to invest more in your new product.

Cell phone industry varies on routine changes and product development phases. Therefore, distributors have much more options in the form of competitors than to invest in your product. Similarly, nourishment of your distributor is to provide him the opportunity without their demand in the form of new market segments and niche products. Cell phones have different target markets and to reach in such markets with your products you have to provide your existing distributor with opportunity to invest in that new market as well. In this way, the nourishment of a distributor is complete by having a chance to earn more profits on your product. For retention of distributor you must conduct seminars and workshops about your new product exploration so that distributor should have interest in continuously purchasing your product. If at one stage, the distributor is confident of making profits through your product he or she will get more interested in supplying and purchasing your product. For building trust you should be an important resource for your distributor in the market by giving him proper knowledge of the upcoming products and their demand. The last factor is influence of your company on distributors. Distributor retention is not just an initial pitch you have contact them on regular basis to supply more of your products. Each contact is a potential point of influence for your distributor

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