How to Refuse the Unreasonable Requirement of the Children

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Adults think that they can explore children’s inner world. In fact, children are the masters of reckoning the parents.

More than playing a slide again, watching TV for a while, more than playing a game, and then listening to more a bedtime story... Such endless begging often makes parents difficult to deal with.

Parents don't want to let the children down, more do not want to be a villain in the eyes of the children. But, we have to let the children know that everything should be abstemious, must obey rules, and can’t endlessly want to do whatever you like. But many parents find, after various efforts, they always waste efforts, unrewarding. To investigate its reason, it has the following two aspects.

To Ignore a child's psychological feeling

In fact, the children has the less chances of controlling over their lives, they have just dominated for a moment of their lives, and enjoy a period of free and happy time, but adults suddenly claim to take away their right to control themselves, how are they willing?

Parents often say but not do it

Adult children can explore the inner world of the children. In fact, they are the masters to reckon. They can subtly note the words and deeds of the parents. They realize adults’ position is not so firm. Therefore, they often pin their hope on losing their temper, and spoiling, let adults eased. And, in fact, parents often also satisfy their wishes.

So, how should parents do, can let the children conscious?

The first step: display own bottom line

Compromise just rewards the children who depend on nagging to achieve purpose. So, in the face of the children's requirements, children should make the children clearly understand their bottom line.

The second Step: keep calm and don't compromise

In order to achieve their purposes, the children may play multifarious tricks. At that time, parents must stay calm, and do not compromise.

If a child is falling down to the ground and do not stand up, parents should not mind him. Parents should transfer their eyes from him away, and then turn round, pretend to leave. In the ordinary circumstances, he will catch up with the parents.

If he does not follow you, you can take him up. At this time, you should try to stay calm, and will turn your faces to one side, don't face him. No matter how he scream and resist, you shouldn't listen.

If a child more strongly resist, you would give him a warning, and tell him what “consequences” he may face. In order to let this way works, “consequences” is to cancel something that he best care about, or plans to do something.

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