How To Reduce Your Wireless Bill With Smart Mobile Wireless

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If you are like most people in the world today you are probably getting tired of seeing your wireless charges go up every month while at the same time the wireless carriers are reducing data packages and in some cases have completely eliminated unlimited data plans. There is a solution to the issue; many people are beginning to see the benefit of making calls over VOIP or voice over internet protocol. Most people are familiar with using systems such as Skype to make calls on their computer, and even some are accustomed to using the service on their mobile device, but the other person must have the app as well.

There are several ways to reduce your monthly wireless charges using VOIP, I am going to share my method with you that helped me to reduce my family cellular bill nearly 70% just while helping to BETA test the new Smart Mouth Mobile application. This social networking communications app really helped change my mind about VOIP apps, the connections are fast, the calls are clear, and I don’t have to worry about going over allotted minutes making my calls via WiFi through the app. Now with version 1.3 of the Smart Mouth Mobile application due out this week, you may upgrade for only $19.95 per year and make unlimited calls to any number anywhere in the world.

Here’s how to drastically reduce your wireless bill:

Download the Smart Mouth Mobile application and upgrade for $19.95 annually so that you can call any number – the basic free version lets you make unlimited calls as well as unlimited texts to anyone else who also has the app installed.

Reduce your calling plan to the minimum allowed or eliminate it altogether if possible and use just a minimum data plan for 3G coverage when you can’t get WiFi somewhere, or pick up an unlocked mobile WiFi router like the Smart Mobile Hotspot coming from Smart Mobile Wireless that will allow you to choose a data plan from any carrier that will have you connected via WiFi virtually anywhere you go.

If you own an iPod Touch, use the Smart Mouth Mobile application to transform your iPod into a phone like in the video below. The Smart Mobile Wireless network auto generates a number for you that will allow you to make and receive calls with your iPod Touch, if you have an older one like the 2G in the video you just have to use the ear buds and mic to use it as a phone. If you use this method coupled with the mobile WiFi hotspot you don’t need a calling plan at all, both devices can easily fit into your pocket or a small purse to give you true freedom and affordable communication at the same time.

Version 1.3 of the Smart Mouth Mobile application will also support Android and Blackberry operating systems and will work on their new tablets and notebooks such as the Blackberry Playbook and Google Chromebooks.

Download the Smart Mouth Mobile application and start saving today.

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