How to Reduce Your Annual Carbon Footprint by 10% every Christmas

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In the last decade it has become startlingly obvious that we all have to take responsibility for our own carbon emissions and carbon footprint. Many schemes have arose for businesses to do their bit and public announcements have been wide spread in the effort to get each of us as individuals to be more aware of our impact on our struggling atmosphere.
The average person in the U.K has a carbon footprint of around 10 tonnes per year, there are many ways you can reduce this, for example growing your own food reduces transportation and packaging related emissions, which is one of the largest contributors. However, as well as reducing your carbon footprint you can also offset it. Over the life span of the average tree it will take in around 1 tonne of carbon. By simply hiring a Christmas tree over the festive season each year, rather than buying a cut tree, you can offset 10% of your annual carbon footprint.
Although a new concept several companies and organisations now run such Christmas tree hire schemes whereby your tree is collected after Christmas and planted out to create woodlands throughout the U.K. Delivery and collection services transport the trees in bulk, at a rate of around 20 trees per drop, keeping 19 vehicles off of the road and further reducing carbon emissions.

In addition to the environmental benefits you also benefit from the convenience of a delivery and collection service, your Christmas tree is likely to be of better quality and shape due to the pruning of pot grown trees and you don’t have to worry about those nasty needles being dropped all over your house and car.
Once your Christmas tree is collected it is planted out to create a woodland s providing valuable habitat for wildlife and fantastic recreational areas to visit. It is even now becoming popular to create community gardens within these woodlands, welcoming visitors to come and learn about the plants that we rely on, to get actively involved in creating and caring for the gardens and even rewarding visitors with a basket of fresh fruit and vegetables to take home, this once again takes another slice off of that footprint carbon footprint
Tackling your impact on our struggling atmosphere doesn’t have to be so tough, a few simple changes like hiring a Christmas tree, reducing your car usage and growing your own fruit and vegetables gives you a decent shift in the right direction.

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