How To Reduce The Lines On Your Fingernails

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Take a good look at your fingernails. Do you notice lines that run from the bottom straight up to the top? This is the natural line of the nail. Often, when nails become dry, these lines can create ridges which will show as darker streaks in your fingernails.

Vertical nail ridges are quite common and do not pose any danger. It's not terribly attractive, however and becomes more noticeable as we grow older. Generally, ridges in your nails can be kept under control with proper moisturizing of the fingernails.

Simple lotions or creams aren't strong enough to penetrate the natural coating that protects the fragile nail, so it's important to use an oil based nail conditioner. You can use something around the house, such as olive oil or coconut oil. You can also purchase a conditioning oil specifically formulated for nail care.

Using an conditioning oil on your nails is an effective way to keep them hydrated and reduce the appearance of vertical nail ridges. Make sure you leave the oil on for at little bit, ten to fifteen minutes, to allow the oil to penetrate.

Keeping your nails well moisturized will not only relieve you of unsightly vertical ridges, but also keep your nails strong and healthy. This is essential to avoid nasty cracks and breaks in your fingernails. While vertical ridges don't pose any real health concern, keep an eye out for horizontal, or side to side ridges.

Horizontal ridges are generally caused by a break or crack in the nail, commonly along the top where the nail base becomes the tip. However, if the horizontal ridge appears to be more than just a crack, or the nail is discoloured, you should consult a physician. Discoloured nails especially can be a warning sign for other medical conditions.

Taking care of your nails with proper conditioning is important to give you overall healthy nails, plus the smooth appearance of both nail and cuticle. So as soon as you notice vertical ridges starting to form, it's time to dip your fingers in some deep conditioning oil.

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