How to Recycle Metal and Metal Products

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The world is going green and you are asked to join in. This is a very simple request and it can also be a lucrative one. Millions are made by scrap yards each year and as a part of the recycling chain you can get a share of the profits.

You can recycle just about any metal products. There is even a way to recycle the metal from computer components. The process follows four stages without fail. Stage one is collection. That is where you the consumer come into the picture. All the cans and other metals you purchase serve a purpose. When that purpose no longer exist take the metal to a scrap yard for recycling. Most pay you per pound for scrap.

Stage Two is Processing

Processing is done by a government-approved facility. Not all scrap-processing plants are in compliance with Federal regulations and EPA Standards so be sure to research the one you use.

To use a plant that only releases more pollutants into the air will greatly defeat the purpose of recycling. This part of the process is also where all the different metals get sorted. You cannot put aluminum into the shredder with steel or tin.

As part of this process you can make the job easier by collecting different metals in different bins to be brought in for processing.Recycling and processing the metals to be re-used saves the planet in two ways it cuts down on non-biodegradable waste and lowers the need for raw materials, which helps the planet. By using the metals we have over again it means there is less of a need to dig into the earth and destroy ecosystems in the process.

Shredding This is Stage Three

Once the metals are collected and processed they are then shredded. This is the true beginning of the reclamation process. The shredding is to prepare the metal to be smelted into its basic element once again.

After they are shredded they are compacted in cubes that sometimes weigh a few tons and sold to mills.Steel is the number one most recycled metal in the USA, followed closely by aluminum.

Melting the used steel along with iron recycles steel; it takes a heat of a bout 1700 degrees Celsius to get it to liquid form. The steel is then poured into forms that make it into slabs that get made into coils, which are sold, as raw materials, to companies to produce new consumer goods.This is one way we can all give the planet a break form being plundered into oblivion.

If we recycle we have the opportunity to not only lower the cost of the items made from the recycled metals, gathering the raw materials via mining makes the end product more expensive, we also get the opportunity to get some cash back into our pockets. Whether for the money or for the planet recycling simply makes sense.


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