How to Recover Deleted SMS

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If you have a cell phone and need to recover deleted SMS you're probably wondering if it's even possible or if you can do it your self. The answer is yes and no. It is possible to recover deleted SMS or text messages but it's a process best left to a professional expert in the files of cellular phone forensics. The software and tools required to do such a job will run into the thousands and the training involved can take months. Plus of course there's the usual learning curve and trail and error. So you do not want to waste your time and money and possibly lose all your data by trying this yourself.

Many private investigators will offer a service of cell phone forensics and digital data recovery for cellular phones and computer hard drives. They perform these high tech examinations to recover evidence of infidelity, employee misbehavior, extortion, threats and violation of court orders . The forensic evidence they recover can be reduced to a report and used as evidence in court. they can also provide expert testimony to back up their findings.

But even if you are not involved in a criminal or civil litigation and just need to recover a deleted SMS or text because you accidentally erased it and need it for your personal use a private investigator can still assist you. It's a very simple procedure to send your phone off to a forensic lab and have all your deleted data and texts recovered from the phone. The process can be very affordable as well, especially when compared to trying to do it yourself. Also the process is completely confidential. A professional investigator will never betray your trust or privacy.

Many times when a client is concerned about how to recover deleted SMS or texts messages the first thing they focus on is the SIM card in their phone. The average person does not realize that the SIM card will only contain a tiny fraction of the deleted information that can be recovered through a forensic data recovery examination. In fact many phones do not store any texts or SMS data on the SIM at all. The only possible way to recover any SMS or text would be to examine the internal memory of the actual cellular phone.

You should also be aware that a cell phone forensic examination will recover far more information that just deleted text or SMS. It will return a full report of all the data on the phone. Even pictures, incoming and outgoing call logs with times and dates and in some cases even voice mails are stored on the device and are available to recover along with the deleted SMS and texts.


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