How To Raise A Child

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A child is known as the most wonderful blessings to every couple for his smile can make
a parents' tiring day turn into something meaningful, his baby talk is somewhat so heavenly-like
music to his significant others, and his crying makes anyone so inspired to take care of
him with so much love.

From the tenure of infancy up to the time when a child is already capable of his own decisions and
actions, parents do always look up to what is best they can give to their child. To raise someone so
dear to us is never easy but with the hope of having someone to be proud of someday, it's all
worth the effort.

Let us then consider some steps in raising a child:

1. Parenting is significant- cuddle your infant.
This is one of the most significant phases of a parent-child relationship.
Giving time in cuddling or babysitting to your child strengthens the bonding and nurtures
mutual affection. Although some working parents have hard time giving their full presence, but
still there are lots of ways on making it up like after working hours until bedtime.

During this phase, the psychosocial stage of a child begins, where trust versus mistrust laid first.
Hence, when a baby feels love like in ways of giving milk when hungry, changing diapers,
and everything that makes them comfortable, he may find trust towards the one who is attending him.

2. Review the time you spend with your child.
In this way, it allows you to ponder of the time being shared with your child.
And if you think that time you have shared is something worthwhile then it reinforces the action, or if things happened
the other way around, at least you can set improvements and think much better.

3. Discipline.
This is very important in every child's progress. Discipline helps in shaping up the behavior of a person.
As a parent, we ought to exercise our discipline with love. Having a child at a younger age seems difficult to
discipline because at his age level, he is not yet capable of higher understanding and reasoning, so as a parent,
it is best for us to always to inform what is right and wrong. And when he is being punished,

explanation must follow so that he may understand why he is punished.

4. Be consistent with what is no and what is yes.
Setting consistency to what is "no" or "yes" helps the child make up his own life rational.
It is because this will make him learn things in a clean and stable way, otherwise he may live in a world of confusion.
So when you say "no" to a particular action, be sure that it is still a big no despite of any circumstances.
As we know, a child's mind is like a blank sheet, thus you must fill it up with right information with good guidance and discipline.

5. Read to your child.
Reading a poem or fairytale story to your child is the best way to a closer attachment and love
and it also helps enhances the child's mentality. This thing is so good when being done during bedtime
or during his relaxing moment.
Education simply starts at home, hence, you must provide our child with proper knowledge for him
to be ready when he is getting to school. Moreover, for the child not to get bored, you have to think of
something amusing or play like approach which could deliver to a child's mind that reading is fun.
And also for better encouragement, you must buy books which are more colorful and are having so many pictures because this way surely
catches his attention.

6. Be a good listener.
To listen and to be listened is the basic foundation of human understanding. A child needs much attention
especially at a young age. And i think as curious a child can be, to be listened is very important to them.
Though there are times which a child may act and talk not quite good, but still, as a parent we always held responsible for
whatever they bahave.
Also, being a good listener to our child improves greatly the line of communication. We may not always there at all time but
by simply showing good example is already an enough thing to boosts his social life.

Davidson Powell

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