How To Qualify For Green Tax Incentives

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For residents and business owners in California, there are a wealth of green tax incentives that often go untaken simply because most people are unaware of them. Those living and working in California can receive sizable eco credits by living and conducting business in ways that can earn them green energy tax incentives.

If you own a business in California, and as part of the cost of doing business you install energy efficient technology such as photovoltaic systems and solar heaters for water tanks, wind generators or geothermal heat pumps, you may be eligible for california energy credits on your taxes.

If your California business also happens to be located in one of the state's enterprise zones, you may be qualified to receive further tax benefits. For example, you could receive green tax incentives on sales and use tax when your company purchases green technologies. These can include the purchase of equipment used to clean the air or water, equipment used for reducing the use of energy, as well as equipment for research and development or processing and manufacturing. In these instances, when your company makes Earth-friendly choices, you will be rewarded with green tax incentives.

California energy credits are also available to homeowners. If you make the smart choice to seal up all of the little leaks and cracks where energy seeps out around doors and windows, you can qualify for green energy tax incentives. When you add insulation to your home, you reduce the amount of energy needed to heat and cool it, and thus may also gain California energy credits. If you add air conditioning, heating or ventilation systems to your home, and they are energy efficient, you may also be awarded eco credits.

Both individuals as well as companies may benefit from green tax incentives when they make a car or truck purchase. If your new vehicle runs on hydrogen, electricity, nitrogen gas, ethanol or gasoline and it is a hybrid vehicle, you should inquire about the great green tax incentives available to residents of California.

In addition to state tax incentives, there may also be eco credits available from the Federal government. You can earn a major tax deduction when you install energy efficient systems in your home; tax deductions of up to $4,000 on a total cost of $10,000 are possible.

Because of the significant savings involved, you should contact a knowledgeable certified public accountant, who can advise you of the best ways to take advantage of these green tax incentives in California.

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