How to Protect the Environment

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You may not realize but when you damage the environment you are actually damaging yourself in the long run. When you carelessly litter a forest with plastic wrappers you are damaging the eco-system, sure the damage will be very small but if everyone damages the environment a little the damage will be much more severe. So, if you want to do your part and keeping the earth alive for as long as possible you should consider using paper bags instead of plastic bags for your shopping. Of course some stores already offer to package your items into a paper bag; you should always choose to use paper products over synthetic products. The reason for this is because paper products decompose over time, if you leave a paper bag in a forest it will decompose after awhile and you will find no trace of it. On the other hand if you do the same with a plastic bag the bag will not decompose and it will block the flow of water and damage the environment. So instead of using plastic bags try and use paper bags instead.

There are many different types of paper bags and some are more durable than others. The most durable paper bag that is used in the majority of stores is the T-shirt bag. A T-shirt bag is simply a bag designed in the shape of a T-shirt. It is not a bag for carrying T-shirts. Basically, the bag is formed in the shape of the letter T. The base is wider and the sides at the top extend to be used as handles. If the bag had no handles it would be very inconvenient and difficult to carry, it would always be slipping out of your hand. So, that is why the handles are there, to help you carry your stuff. The T shaped bags can be made from either paper or plastic. The plastic T shapes bags are usually shaped differently from the paper bags. So that is what a T-shirt bag is; a bag shaped like a T.

Another advantage that paper bags have over plastic bags is the fact that paper bags are much stronger. Plastic bags can usually stretch a bit and then it will rip. Paper bags do not stretch but they can hold allot more and they will not break as easily. You can carry allot of weight in a paper bag. Since paper bags are not mass produced they are a bit more expensive than plastic bags. In the future the price will likely go down as people become more aware of the damage they are inflicting onto the environment. The price will go down because people will start producing them in large quantities. The price is already quite low for a paper bag so you do not have to worry about that and if you buy one good paper bag you can use it for many shopping trips.

Do your part at protecting the environment by using paper bags instead of plastic bags. Just follow the links above for more information.

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