How To Protect The Children

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These steps are very effective for provide a good protection to your children weather you are with them or they are alone. So please I request you to use these all steps for life protection of your lovely children, Because they are everything for you.

Dear Reader
After watching the crime of today we all are afraid every time about our self protection and about our children’s protection. Now as for as the question of our self safety then up to some level about this we are not so worried as much we are worried about our children’s safety in today’s era.
Because in our view we are able to protect our self but according us our children are not capable to protect them self in today’s era. Our children are how much precious in our life, only he can understand well who has not any child after his married life or who has lost his child some where in his life. That’s why I am writing some effective tips for provide a perfect safety to your children in today’s crime time. Which is written below----

1. If you have any child up to five years old then – keep away your all electronic items from your child in your home like- your table fan, electric lights, house wiring, television, electric water heater, iron press, etc so that if in any case you are not available in your home then your child may not be injured by any kind of electric shot or by any other accident by other electric items.
2. If you have any five years old child then please cover your house main gate by a iron gate and stares by iron grill, if on the roof of your house has not made any building then please close the door of your roof, if this is not possible then please cover completely your roof by iron railing or net, so that if your child is plying alone on the roof then you may be tension free about his security.
3. If you have children up to 12 years old also, then also never leave them alone in your home, or with your any servant, because in today’s era 70% servants are cheater. They work in your home, they eat your meal, they take salary from you but then also they cheat you. They plan to kidnap your children whenever they get the chance, they plan to robber you whenever they get the chance. That’s why please never leave alone to your children in your home or in out side.

4. If your any child of up to seven years old goes to school alone then please stop him and arrange any school van for him or pick and drop him up to school by your self, because you should never forget these are children and today is crime time.

How To Save the children

How To protect the children

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