How to Properly Take Care of Your Wigs

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To a lot of people, wigs are more than just luxury stuff. It is used by men to cover bald spots, and women use it as a fashion accessory, completing their overall image. Wigs, like Aspen collections, may be used for everyday living or special occasions. Whatever the event, the quality of the wig should always be at its best.

Wigs are also considered as investments. Therefore, it is important that a wig owner knows how to take care of a wig to prolong their life. The first thing that a wig owner must do to take care of a wig is to insert a hand into the cap and shake the wig to loosen up its strands. One may either comb the hairs of the wig or just run a finger through it.

Some wigs can be washed, while others canít. Wigs are far different from clothes so it does not need washing every after use. However, when wigs are consistently exposed to polluted environments, it may need washing more often than necessary. Once the hair strands of the wig get sticky, it undoubtedly needs some washing.

Wigs like Aspen wigs are delicate, and they must be handled with extra care. They are not supposed to be washed in washing machines. Before washing a wig, make sure that the tangles are removed by combing it, starting from the bottom part. Proper washing is done by soaking it in a water basin and applying wig shampoo. After that, rinse the wig and gently dry it without exposing it to direct heat.

Drying a wig is just the same as drying of oneís own hair. Patting it with a towel will do; avoid wringing it as you might damage the strands. When drying, the wig should be put back to its stand and be allowed to dry naturally. Trying to blow dry it can severely damage the hair strands specially those of Aspen wigs. Combing the hair should not be done while it is still wet.

To prolong the life a wigs similar to Aspen wigs, it should be treated the way a normal hair would be treated. Avoid exposing it to direct sunlight, as it may cause the hair strands to get dry and loose. Wigs are also taken off during sleep to avoid friction that can damage the strands.

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