How to Profit From Tax Foreclosure Sales Anywhere in the World - No Property Ownership Necessary

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If you're living abroad, that doesn't mean you can't profit from tax foreclosure sales. It might be a little tricky to attend the sales, maybe bid over the phone, for property you've never seen (although, it doesn't matter where you're from, no one can inspect property before they bid on it at tax sale). No sweat. As they say, America is the land of opportunity, and if you're in Australia, New Zealand, France or Zimbabwe, it doesn't matter - there's a way for you to make some serious profit from tax foreclosure sales in America.
When there are tax foreclosure sales, overages are created on almost every single property - that is, almost every property receives a winning bid that is higher than the taxes that were owed on it. That extra money is usually due back to the owner (this is also true for mortgage foreclosure sales). Unfortunately, the owner is often misinformed, or long gone from the property, and never comes in to claim their money.
There's a great money-making opportunity here for anyone in the world to profit from tax foreclosure sales. Because these overages created at the sale are NOT subject to the state unclaimed funds laws, that means that money finders who help reunite these owners with their lost funds are also not subject to finder's fee caps. People working this business charge 30-50% standard for their services - and owners are glad to pay. Without the assistance of these people, many owners wouldn't hear about the funds until it was too late - after a while, the funds revert back to the state permanently.

Find these funds, find their rightful owners, and play your cards right, and you'll find you have no trouble at all making a nice five-figure monthly income, all from the comfort of your home wherever you are in the world. Although not many people know about this little tax foreclosure sale loophole, of the few that do work the business, a high percentage aren't U.S. citizens.
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