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The only benefit to having an old phone is that it is less desirable for thieves.

However, you don’t have to be stuck with an old phone just to avoid it being stolen. There are other ways to protect your sim free android phones which mean that you can get yourself a snazzy new sim free iphone just like the other cool kids.

Here are our top five tips to avoiding mobile phone theft:

1. As much as you love your fancy new sim free iphone ensure that you show it off to the right people. This means not getting your phone out the minute you get off the bus, train or tube, where thieves might be waiting for you to do just that.

2. Record your phone’s details. As soon as you get your new phone, make a note of the following pieces of information and file them in a safe place: your phone number, the phone make and model, the colour and appearance details, the pin or security lock code and the IMEI number found on GSM phones.

3. Do the obvious thing and use the security function on your mobile phone to lock it with a pin. While this might not deter thieves, it will help to ensure your privacy and security, making sure that thieves can’t access your numbers and the personal information stored on your mobile phone. (Remember, mobile phones store more than just phone numbers in them these days, given that they are used as diaries as well.)

4. Do something LESS obvious and use an ultraviolet pen to mark some personal details onto the back of your sim free android phones: your postcode and landline number or email address. This will help your phone make its way back to you if it is lost, and helps ensure that your phone is easily identifiable as yours if it is stolen.

5. Register your phone with your network operator. If it gets stolen, let them know straight away to avoid being responsible for long-distance calls to Australia.

With these few simple steps you can feel free to purchase a new phone, with all mod cons, without being paranoid about thieves.

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