How to Play Badminton and Some General Rules

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Badminton is one of the few sports anywhere men and women play together.

It is a game for all ages and abilities, and although fitness is a key feature for professional players, it is not a prerequisite for taking up the sport.

These factors make it the ideal sport for family and friends of all walks of life to play together.

It can also be a breathtaking way to meet new friends from beginning to end local clubs and sports centers.

After s0ccer, badminton is the world's most in style sport (I read this somewhere. I can't confirm this claim, but... I'll go along with it!).

It is most popular in south-east Asia, where a lot of children learn to play badminton at school.

It is also the fastest racket sport in the world - the ferry reach speeds in excess of 200km/hr.

Badminton is an thrilling, indoor or outdoor, racquet sport you can play with some friends or play competitively through a club.
Check out the fundamentals right here, then read further to perk up your skills, techniques and strategies.

How Badminton is Played

The game of badminton is play by two opposite players (either singles or doubles like in tennis) over a 44 ft by 17 ft rectangular court, which is surrounded by tramlines and divided on the center by a 150 cm high net.

It starts when one player serves by striking the shuttlecock from below the level of the waistline with the objective of sending it diagonally to the opponent's court.

On the other side of the court where the shuttlecock is sent by the server is an opposing player, who must receive the serve by recurring the shuttlecock back to the server's court

Basic Badminton Strokes

The two basic strokes in badminton are the forehand and backhand.

The forehand is executed by hitting the shuttlecock on the right side of the body (left for left-handed players) and the backhand on the left elevation of the body (right for left-handed players).

The backhand can also be execute hitting the shuttlecock on the right side of the body, but in such case the player's back will be opposite the net.

The winner of the toss can settle on to serve or accept in the 1st game, or to choose to play at either end of the court. The loser of the toss makes the remaining choice.

Some General Rules

1. A player may not touch the net with a din or times gone by body during play.

2. A birdie may not come to rest or be passed on the racket.

3. A birdie may hit the net on its way across all through play and the rally can continue.

4. A term of repair is called an inning.

5. A player may not arrive at over the net to hit the shuttlecock.

6. A loss of serve is call a side out.

7. In class games will be played to 15 points and a match is 2 out of 3 games.

8. Some types of shots are the lob, drop shot, smash and drive.

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