How to Permanently Straighten Hair Safely

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If you’re a woman with coarse, textured or curly hair, you’re probably well aware of the dangers of harsh chemical relaxers. Many women who know the risks continue to compromise their hair, but now, there’s no reason to. If you’re looking to permanently straighten your hair, choose a gentle relaxer that softens the bonds within the hair and loosens curls without damaging side effects.

Women of all ethnicities with coarse, curly or unruly hair may be tempted to permanently straighten hair with a chemical relaxer, but this often results in long-term hair damage.African American hair is particularly fragile and prone to breakage when treated with chemical relaxers. Harsh products designed to permanently straighten hair result in hair breakage, thinning, scalp burns and reduced hair growth; the FDA actually lists chemical hair straighteners among its top consumer complaint areas. Instead, try a natural product like BodipHier that loosens curls to permanently straighten hair without destroying the hair cuticle.

Chemical relaxers permanently straighten hair by penetrating the hair shaft and changing the basic structure of the hair.Harsh relaxers break down the hair’s inner layer, which gives shape to the curls, but also provide strength and elasticity. Some manufacturers produce “safe” variations of lye relaxers by simply adding conditioners. The BodipHier system, however, is the first new technology to safely relax and permanently straighten hair. The active ingredient, alkaline water, penetrates the hair without destroying the cuticle. Since the system is gentler, it won’t result in pin-straight hair, but it will loosen curls enough to permanently straighten the hair while maintaining body, texture and definition. Hair treated with BoipHier is better suited for withstanding the stress of heat appliances.

After using a product to permanently straighten hair, use products to reduce the damage of heat styling. Heat tools such as hair dryers and straighteners work well after you use a gentle relaxer to permanently straighten hair and want to achieve a pin-straight look.Heat tools can weaken and destroy hair proteins, disrupt natural oils, and zap hair of moisture, so protect hair from the drying effects of thermal appliances with a thermal styling lotion or blow drying cream. Using an ordinary mousse or hairspray can actually damage the hair further, and applying oils can literally fry your hair—for best results, use thermal styling lotion and blow drying cream specifically formulated to protect against heat damage.

Thermal styling lotion smoothes and seals the cuticle for a sleek, relaxed look. Moisturizing agents in a thermal styling lotion prevent dryness, frizziness and split ends. If you blow dry your hair, apply a heat-protecting blow drying cream beforehand. A blow drying cream will impart brilliant sheen while forming light, non-greasy layer that protects against thermal applications.Blow drying cream can also be used to press hair, and enables you to permanently straighten hair that’s been loosened into softer waves.

Christen R. is a freelance writer for Fresh Look Hair.To learn more about safe, gentle treatments to permanently straighten hair & hair straighten, visit

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