How to Perform an 800 Number Check

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It is common knowledge that 800 (toll-free) numbers are used by established business organizations to encourage their customers and other business associates to contact them as these calls are not charged to the caller. As 800 numbers are mostly owned by reputed businesses, getting the required details can pose problems.

Whether it is an 800 number, or for that matter, any other number, you can always try to match someone's details with their phone number. In fact this is quite easy to do - as you will be looking for private landline information. As is known to all, there is a massive public telephone directory listing landlines.

Things may be however be difficult when you want to identify either cell phone details or private business information as these numbers are not supported by any nationwide directory.

This apart, some telemarketing agencies and certain other less known companies use 800 toll-free numbers as a means of keeping their location confidential or hiding their identity.

When this happens, some callers are obviously curious to know the identity and the location of these companies. To correctly trace the location and identity of these 800 numbers, there are two well-known methods - though both the methods rely on the stored records from various websites.

In fact, there are a series of free websites available as also a commercial service you can use to find online the 800 number's details.

1. Scout for the number on different free websites

2. Go to a professional service to pick up details of the number's location and owner

You can attempt to trace the 800 number by using some of the many free services on the Internet like and etc. Please know that most of these free websites are supported through ad revenue and are there to show you any 800 number that is difficult to identify.

These websites can be excellent resources where you may easily find the information you require. But be guarded as quite a few of these sites contain data that are either incomplete and/or unreliable. But let that not deter you as these sites are indeed a robust way, at least to start your hunt.

A sound way to search the particulars of a toll-free 800 number is to go to some of the commercial websites which will get you the details against payment. There is a plethora of such websites and they invariably buy massive lists of contact particulars from all conceivable official sources - including court houses, sheriff's departments and the like.

This gathered data is then compiled and converted into a searchable database and you will be allowed to search from their website. This type of lookup is safe and extremely reliable.

The ideal way to go about an 800 number trace is to opt for a professional lookup service called a "Reverse Phone Lookup". This services does cost money, but the information you obtain is absolutely reliable. You can search their central database from the site's homepage. You can ferret out the details you need in a matter of few minutes.

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