How to Own White and Bright Skin by Using Tomatoes and Green Tea

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It is really not quite an easy thing to have white and bright skins. Maybe we can find materials by our side to beautify our skins. Let’s see how to tomatoes and green tea in skin care.

Tomatoes are rich in vitamin C and other nutrients, which are known as “Vitamin C warehouse”. It not only could make the skin white and shiny, but has a good oil balance, cleaning, and whitening and sedation effects. So it is very suitable for oily skin. There are so many useless cutin on face skin, so you can take advantage of this opportunity to remove cutin and make your skins soft and elastic.

Prepare a medium sized tomato, 2 tablespoons of milk powder and 2 teaspoons of honey to make mask by yourself. Mash a ripe red tomato with a spoon; add milk and honey into the mashed tomato puree and mix them into paste; after cleansing, apply the paste to the surface evenly and do massage on skins; after 10 minutes, wash with warm water to clean. You can also use hot wet towel or paper mask after applying paste to help absorption.

Tomato can improve and balance oil secretion, so that the skin is not greasy at any time. You can use the tomato slices to rub on the face and do massage to soft skin and exfoliate. Girls who have acne can also try to dip a cotton pad in tomato juice to wipe face. It has functions of anti-inflammatory and relieving acne discomfort.

Green tea is one of Britain's most popular methods to take care of skins. It is rich in vitamin C and it can prevent skin aging and clear dirt. What’s more, it is natural and inexpensive.

Prepare 5g to 10g of green tea, 400ml low-alcohol liquor and one grapefruit. Firstly, cut the grapefruit into round pieces; add alcohol, green tea and grapefruit slices into big bottle, and then place it in a cool place; take out the grapefruit after one month.

If you want to make your skin bright, it is not enough only to drink green tea. Use tea dross as a mask to apply in various parts of the body, and it is more useful than the chemical green clay. Green tea can increase the metabolism of body fluids, nutrition and calorie to strengthen capillary circulation and reduce fat deposition.

The above two ways are quite simple, right? Do not be lazy and try my above ways.

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