How to Naturally Remove Acne Scars with Organic Skin Products

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As difficult as acne may be, the even more challenging phase may be that of managing the acne scars it will leave behind. The acne scars appear during the healing phase of treating acne when too much collagen forms in one spot within this skin. The wound from the acne that creates the scar is in the dermis layer, and this means that it is not superficial. That very fact is what makes it so hard to get rid of. Acne scars will usually form largely in part due to a lack of cleaning or treatment of the acne affected area. This area starts with the well known blackheads and whiteheads. While tempting to do so, another culprit to acne scar formation is picking at acne lesions with one's fingernails.

The Different Types of Acne Scars

Acne scars fall under either the two main categories of atrophic or hypertrophic scars. Atrophic scars will form due to a loss of skin tissue, while hypertrophic form from the opposite reason of too much skin tissue forming.

These two types of categories can be divided into four types of scarring:

Ice pick Scars:This is the most common type. An ice pick scar forms due to a deep narrowing pit at the skin's dermis layer.

Boxcar Scars:Resembling chicken pox scars, boxcar scars are round or oval with angular edges and are most common on the cheeks.

Rolling Scars:Rolling scars will have a wave like appearance to them. Their shape is typically wide and shallow.

Hypertrophic or Keloid Scars:These are raised and kind of lumpy scars that can spread beyond the original wound. Typically they are found on the back and chest areas, while also possible is their formation on the neck and face.

In many cases one usually has a combination of the different types of scarring.

The range of scar treatment options is wide. If you are one that would prefer to avoid chemical based treatments, natural treatment options are available and effective without any burdensome side effects. There is an alternative natural acne scar treatment based on a biological serum. Mother Nature herself provides its effective acne scar eliminating ingredient. The serum is produced by the land snail species of Crystomphalus Aspersa whose skin is made of similar components as ours.

This serum is made one of a kind due to the fact that no scientist can recreate the immune system of a living creature within any laboratory. This acne treatment being fully natural means you can use it to treat acne breakouts while you eliminate scars produced by previous breakouts. This makes the treatment advantageous over chemical based treatments that warn against their application if one is currently suffering from breakouts.

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