How to Make Your Own Teddy Bear

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You have decided to surprise a loved one. You know how important and amazing it is to create a present yourself.

Teddy bears are traditional gifts for children and for loved ones. The teddy bear is a classical item that will never go out of fashion. It is cute, it is fun and it is certainly connected to positive emotions.

You probably feel intimidated by the idea of creating the teddy bear yourself. Relax. In fact, making your own teddy bear is far from excessively complex. You will need to find a template and the appropriate materials. The rest is about putting your sleeves up and testing your creative skills.

Materials You Will Need
To make a teddy bear on your own, you will have to purchase a number of materials. You will certainly have to get the following:

- fabric for the teddy’s exterior
- stuffing (old pieces of clothing, cotton)
- buttons or beads for the eyes
- fabric in different color for the tummy and paws
- threads
- glue
- scissors
- vellum
- anything else you want in order to decorate the teddy bear – ribbons, glitter

Teddy Bear Making Procedure
You will first need to find an online template. This template will have the shapes of all pieces that you will need to cut out and sew together, in order to make the head, ears, hands, legs and body. Certainly, you can purchase one from craft stores. In this instance, you will need to pay for the template.

Draw the template pieces on vellum paper and cut these out. Use the pieces to draw them on the brown fabric. Cut out the pieces.

Follow the template instructions. Certain pieces will have to be sewed together, so that the different teddy bear pieces get formed. Leave small openings before sewing all the way through. These will be used to put the stuffing inside.

Use cotton or fabric to stuff the limbs, head and body. Make sure that the material is of sufficient quantity so that the teddy bear feels fluffy and dense enough. Sew the pieces all the way and remove any threat remainders.

Sew the head to the body along the neckline. Sew the legs and the arms to the body in the appropriate spots, as marked on the template.

Cut, sew and attach the ears. These can either be stuffed or one-dimensional. Glue on the buttons that you want to have as the eyes.

You can use a different color of fabric, glitter or a permanent marker to draw the nose and mouth of the teddy. The same applies to the belly button.

Stick fabric circles in different color to the tops of the arms and the legs. This will be the teddy’s paws.

Tie a ribbon around its neck or maybe you can even create an outfit (or several of those) for the teddy).

Remember that you will need some sewing skills to make a professionally-looking teddy bear. If you lack skills, you might ask a friend for some help. For best results, use a sewing machine. It is also important to keep in mind that even if the teddy looks far from store-bought, it will be appreciated. It is all about making an effort and trying to please a loved one.

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