How to Make Your Own Paper

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Many people feel curious about making their own paper. This craft will result in the creation of unique pieces of paper that can be used as decorations, cards and even notepads. Such accessories will be very efficient for parties just imagine making your own baby shower cards and invitations.

Before getting started, you need to understand the basic paper-making technologies. Two strategies can be utilized. Paper is either made through the extraction of cellulose from plants or through the recycling of old paper.

When you are working at home, you will find it easier to create recycled paper. Apart from the fact that you will have much fun, you will be doing something beneficial in terms of nature preservation.

Your first attempts could result in failure or paper that looks different from what you had imagined. Follow these steps carefully and keep on trying until the final results correspond to your needs and preferences.

Paper recycling in its heart is very simple. You will have to put old paper in water and turn it into pulp. This pulp has to be placed in a mould or filtered through a screen. Once the water drains away, you will be getting your pieces of homemade paper.

Step 1: Cutting the Old Paper
Get some old paper that you would want to recycle. Cut it into small pieces or get it shredded.

The pieces need to be relatively small. Use a blender to turn those into pulp. The basic rule of making pulp is that you will need sufficient amounts of warm water. Let the shredded paper soak for a little while. You will then be able to easily create pulp.

When blending, you can add decorations to the paper. Coloring it is one option. You can also use feathers, plant leaves or threads that will form beautiful patterns, once your paper dries.

Step 2: Straining the Paper
To get paper, you will need to remove the water from the pulp. A common household screen can be used for that purpose.

You can also make your own screen. Place two layers of gauze on top of each other. Stretch those well and use a frame to keep the screen drawn tight. Pour an even layer of pulp onto the screen. Give it some time until most of the water is already filtered out.

Step 3: Get Your Paper Dry
The dried pulp is a single sheet of paper. You will have to be careful when taking it out of the screen since the pulp is still relatively wet.

Take a piece of fabric and cover the paper. Use a blanket to press against that surface gently and evenly. The aim is to soak in as much water, as possible. Repeat this procedure several times. Stop pressing as soon as the blanket remains dry.

Keep the fabric on top of the paper and the screen. Turn the screen around so that the paper will now lay on the piece of fabric. Remove the screen. Put another piece of fabric on top of the first one.

To get the paper completely dry, you can use your iron. Use the lowest level of heat possible. Press strongly and feel the fabric. If it feels dry, your paper is ready. Take the top piece of fabric away from your paper very carefully.

This is the simplest procedure to make paper at home. It will be thicker and different in color from the paper that you can purchase. Still, your homemade paper can be used in the creation of unique gifts and cards that will make many people happy.

Criss White writes about party planning topics and enjoys making paper crafts like baby shower notepads. For more ideas for baby shower crafts and other art projects, visit the blog at My Baby Shower Favors.

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