How To Make Your Own Motivational Posters

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While some folks are willing to spend a significant amount of money on motivational conventions, motivational speakers, motivational coaches, and other such services and events, many other people have found that simple imagery paired with a short caption is enough to provide them with all the motivation they need-motivational posters! There is an incredibly wide variety of motivational posters available today, featuring different images (real and user-generated) that have corresponding comments written about them with the intention of inspiring, enabling a positive attitude adjustment, helping others achieve performance-enhancing perspective, and more.

In addition, if you have aspirations for your posters beyond simple personal enjoyment or creating them for friends and giving them as gifts, it's important to note that if you are planning to eventually sell your posters, current trends show a steadily increasing popularity for demotivational categories over motivational categories, indicating a potentially juicier market for selling your self-made posters.

How to Find Inspiration for Your Inspirational, Funny, and Demotivational Posters
What's the purpose and who's looking?

First, instead of letting the virtually endless possibilities of what may motivate others stump you, you should carefully consider your own top personal motivators. Make a list of the top 10 things that motivate you, weed out a few that you're confident are essentially universal or fairly common sense motivators, and then create your motivational posters based on the remaining items on your list.

Another important point to consider when planning your poster is that life is all too often serious enough where we can all use a nice departure from the break-neck pace of corporate life and a momentary escape from what seem to be endlessly compounding personal pressures and responsibilities. If you are having trouble figuring out what type of image or caption you want to feature on your poster, simply remind yourself that many people are simply looking for a bit of a jolt to shake them out of their automaton trance or despairing state of mind. Funny motivational posters and demotivational posters present some of the simplest ways for you take people's blinders off, giving them some much-needed comic relief, realigning their perspective, and reminding them that it's surprisingly simple to laugh and smile and yet still give a serious, 100 percent effort in their jobs and throughout their personal responsibilities. For those times when it feels like the world is slowly closing in all around and anxiety levels start to reach unbearable heights, oftentimes all that's needed is to view a picture of someone falling down or committing an epic-fail in order for us to be able to remind ourselves that all is not as bad as we thought-maintain this notion throughout your poster design process and you're sure to hit some hot buttons.

In addition, there are already a fairly overwhelming number of earnest, inspirational posters out there today, which means you will need to approach your inspirational poster design a bit differently in order for your posters to stand out. You need to find a way to speak to people with your posters in a manner that will get their attention without hitting them over the head with blatant, cheap attempts at novelty, overt grotesqueness, or sexual imagery.

Funniest Motivational Topics for Your Poster Designs

1) Epic Fails

One of the most hilarious topics that you should consider for your own poster is epic fails/failures. This topic canvasses the results of some of the absolute most bone-headed ideas that people actually thought were based on sheer brilliance.

2) Trips and Falls

Have you ever commented that it seemed like someone was trying too hard to be funny and it only made them seem less funny? That's a fundamental reason why trip-and-fall posters continue enjoy a timeless hilarity-they express comedy in its simplest form, stripping it down to the basics and eliciting full-bellied laughs every single time.

3) Animals

Regardless of the particular sense of humor someone might have, it's still virtually impossible to stifle a giggle when viewing various animals caught doing things they know they're not supposed to, managing physical feats that defy reason, and demonstrating behavior uncannily similar to humans.

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