How to Make Your Eyes Look Young Forever

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Do you want to keep young forever? If you focus on eyes, the effect will be the most immediate. Smooth skin around eyes and bright eyes are the typical label of youth. If you do not want to expose your age, you have to learn ways to make eyes young.

Skins around eyes should be treated partially. The lower eyelids are likely to breed wrinkles. However, it is not a wise strategy to supply nutrition only for lower eyelids skin and ignore the upper eyelid. The right way to apply eye cream is to nourish the lower eyelids skin and compact upper eyelid skins. The eye cream of light texture could be used to strengthen the tolerance of upper eyelids skin.

Eye exercises are essential. Long time usage of eyes will cause eye fatigue and glazed eyes make you look spirit down. So, when you feel tired, extend your arm in front of eyes and look at your palm for about ten seconds. Then put down your hands and look scenery far away for ten seconds. Repeat these actions for six times, and it can effectively reduce intraocular pressure and relieve fatigue.

Do not wear the contact lens for a long time. For most office ladies, contact lens is not suitable for long wear. Because of the dry office environment, wearing the contact lens for a long time will cause skins around eyes dry. Coupled with the computer screen radiation and the impact of long working, lens will bring eyes burden and lead to sagging eyes.

Eyes also need sunscreen. The skins around eyes lack of fat layer and they are thicker than facial skin. It is vulnerable to a variety of infestation damage. You can choose a light isolation product for your skin to help your skins resist air dust and microwave radiation effectively. What’s more, it can reduce the burden of skin around eye.

Taking good care of skins around eyes will make women look younger and this is the common sense for women to remember.

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