How to make use of the free international calls service of the telecom operators?

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You must have seen the advertisements of the telecom companies offering the free international calls facilities to the clients. This is bound to make you suspicious about these offerings and the same can be ignored easily or laughed away. But, a closer examination of the plan will make you realise that this is a distinct possibility to make free calls internationally.

Let us understand the basic premise of this scheme. The basic premise is the free minutes of calling that the telecom companies provide to the users to attract them to take their services. The scheme operators will be making use of the same free minutes of calling to give you the chance to call the friends and relatives internationally using the voice over internet protocol (VoIP) technology. This technology makes use of the broadband facility to make international calls using computer and that too at almost the local rates. Since the first few minutes per month would be free, the same can be utilized for making international calls using VoIP because, at the local level, this will not be charged at all. The call, in that case, would be a free call.

But, if that is the case, then why not the companies withdraw these freebies? The reason is that the companies are engaged in a cut throat competition in promoting their respective services. And, the number of people making free international calls is not significant enough to be causing big losses to the telecom operators. The utility of the scheme is limited to the extent of the free calling minutes only. The moment that threshold is crossed the billing at the local call rates will begin.

The scheme is particularly popular among those communities who have emigrated from other countries. They need to call their near and dear ones and the cost of calling through the normal calling is far expensive. Therefore, this free call facility is availed of.

So, how to get this scheme operational? The only that you require to have is free calling minutes in your phone. You would be given a number which will be required to be dialled and the instructions have to be followed. The customer service representative will ask you to dial the destination country code and the desired telephone number. Now, you shall neither disconnect the number nor press the enter button of your mobile, but wait for the service provider to get you connected to the destination number.

There is one thing that the customer has to take care of. He or she must enquire from the mobile service provider that the calls to those special numbers provided by the service-provider are not going to be charged at international rates. Some of the mobile service providers might have blacklisted some of the numbers which your service provider gives you and the moment you dial those, the special free call minutes scheme stands withdrawn for those numbers.

Some people might raise doubts about the legality of this service. It is not correct to call it an illegal way of operation. Rather, it more about using the loopholes for enabling free international calls from your mobile.

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