How to Make Shish Kabobs on a Stainless Steel Grill

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A stainless steel grills is a very versatile cook top. Although some people limit themselves to cooking hot dogs and hamburgers on their stainless steel grill, the experienced barbecue chef knows that there are near limitless options of meat, vegetable, and other combinations of food that they can grill. Grilling food gives it a distinct and delicious flavor that it unattainable by cooking in any other way. One of the many foods that are great when cooked on a stainless steel grill is shish kabobs. A good shish kabob can be somewhat difficult to achieve, but is possible if you know a few grilling secrets.
Before beginning, select a variety of meats, fruits or vegetables to cook on your stainless steel grill. If you would prefer to stay with a more traditional kabob, you may want to try using steak, chicken, peppers, mushroom, onions, and some type of squash or zucchini. There are also many more creative combinations that may interest you, such as a teriyaki marinated steak with pineapple, sweet onions and peppers, or chicken wrapped in bacon with water chestnuts topped with bleu or feta cheese crumbles. You may even be inclined to do a combination of many different shish kabob skewers in order to provide a wide variety of choices for your dinner guests.

The next step is to prepare the meats and vegetables you have chosen for their sojourn on the stainless steel grill. If you are planning your meal sufficiently in advance, you have the option of marinating the meat. Some marinades are best left on the meat for eight to twelve hours, while others would be sufficient even if they were only left for twenty or thirty minutes. Generally, the longer you marinate something, the more successfully it acquires the flavor of the marinade. There are a myriad of recipes for sweet, savory, spicy, smoky, or other marinades available to fit all tastes. It is also necessary to wash and cut the vegetables to the desired size. Seasoning vegetables with salt, pepper and maybe some herbs such as rosemary, basil or garlic is usually recommended. It is good to note that garlic and salt can go a long way in successfully seasoning food that is to be cooked on a stainless steel grill.
Once you have prepared the meats and vegetables and put them on the skewer, it is time to prepare the stainless steel grill for use. A stainless steel grill should be hot and clean before any food is placed on it for cooking. You may wish to clean the surface of the stainless steel grill with a wire brush to remove any leftover ash or carbon. Cooking small pieces of meat on a stainless steel grill can be somewhat delicate. Remember that steak does not need to be cooked very long to achieve doneness. If it is overcooked on a stainless steel grill, then it will be tough and chewy. Sweet shish kabobs should be cooked until they are caramelized. By following these steps and cooking vigilantly, you can serve wonderfully satisfying shish kabobs.

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