How to Make Marriage Happy

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First, amplifying advantages, weakening shortcomings

When we love, we tend to amplify each other's strengths, and weaken and even ignore the deficiencies. For example, we appreciate the boyfriend’s free and easy and neglect his carelessness; we like girlfriend’s obedience, and then contain unceasingly her over-reliance. After marriage, we also ought to make love’s tolerance continue to the end.

Second, feeling unusually astute, good at feeling the happiness

People in love have such an experience: you feel extremely romantic hand in hand together watching the sunrise; you will be then excited to date in a elegant restaurant,... In fact, marriage is covered with the warmth and romance, so you should continue to sharpen your feelings, and excavate happiness after getting married!

Third, express self-charm and let others happy

When we are in love hour, we always try our best to s ingratiate ourselves with lovers, hope to let others like us, so we will show our own advantages and charm. But, if we get married, then we loose this positive motivity.

Please try to use l a positive mental attitude to show advantages, you can discover, it is actually not difficult to manage a happy marriage.

Fourth, arranging carefully the dating time

During love hour, we are looking forward to every dating time unceasingly. We even prepare well for the dating, make a careful arrangement, hoping to get every time turn to wonderful memories. After marriage, we see each other every day, and dating becomes the past. I know a general manager of a state enterprise during over ten years of getting married, in addition to travel, insist on hand in hand going to see the film with his wife.

He told me: after getting married, each date of the film will review the romantic love. And the feelings with his wife's also gradually sublimate. Increasing dating time after getting married will make refreshing time of love last longer!

When it comes to love, what we show is the source of sweet happiness. Actually, only love refresh, happiness will last longer! So please manage your marriage as you are madly in love!

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