How to Make Exciting Vegetable Pizzas with Padrino’s Pizza and pasta.

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If you thought that the only exciting pizzas were the ones smothered in beef, pepperoni, fish, or seafood, you might be surprised to discover that a vegetable pizza recipe can be just as delicious as its meat or fish counterpart. There are lots of types of pizza and vegetable pizza is actually one of the more popular kinds.
The key to making mouthwatering vegetable pizzas is to choose the vegetables carefully and choose your seasonings even more carefully. For example, a pizza topped with vegetables and nothing else is never going to be exciting. A pizza flavored with vegetables and spices or herbs will be better. Use a delicious pizza sauce as well and your pizza is sure to be popular.
How to Add Flavor to Your Pizza
If you are going to use vegetables as your pizza topping and no meat or fish, Bellevue Pizza Delivery you can be bold with your choice of pasta sauce. Perhaps you fancy a creamy white pasta sauce with plenty of garlic, or maybe a spicy tomato sauce with chilies appeals to your adventurous nature.

You might want to use plenty of cheese to complement the vegetable flavor, in which case what about putting half the cheese under the vegetables and half on top? Combine a couple of different cheeses, if you want to, or try something new. What about using a strong flavored blue cheese on your vegetarian pizza, or goat's cheese? These cheeses are great with any vegetables so feel free to experiment.
Making a homemade pizza dough recipe adds to the appeal of any pizza. You can choose from a whole wheat crust, an herb or spice one, a fluffy thick dough, a crispy thin base, or something different. Think about your planned pizza toppings and decide what kind of pizza sauce and crust would go nicely.
International Vegetable Pizza Recipes
You can make international pizzas just with vegetables. For example, if you have an eggplant to use up, you could team it with feta cheese and olives for a Greek touch or with curry powder, spinach, and potatoes for an Indian style pizza.
If you are going to use sliced plum tomatoes, add chopped onion, plenty of mozzarella and some fresh basil leaves for an authentic Italian pizza recipe. If you are planning to make a traditional Italian pizza, by the way, use a thin and crispy crust for it.

Why not experiment with fusion style vegetarian pizzas? You can combine popular Mexican vegetables like tomatoes, corn, and avocado with Indian spices like curry powder and turmeric for a tasty finish, or pretty much any chopped vegetables with any fresh herbs. Grill the vegetables before making the pizza to bring out their flavor and give them a mouthwatering smoky taste.
Try using parsley, cilantro, thyme, oregano, dill, marjoram, or mint to add flavor to vegetable pizzas. You can either stick with one herb or combine different ones. Herbs de Provence adds a taste of France to your pizza recipe and there are other readymade herb or spice mixes that you can play around with, in order to maximize the flavor of your vegetable pizza recipe.
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