How To Make Baptism Invitations

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In preparing for a baptism, there are a lot of aspects to consider, from the invitation to the menu to the favors. Consequently, there are a lot of budgetary considerations as well. There are some things though that you can make on your own and that includes the baptism invitations. Do not be intimidated by the professionally made invitations as you can easily make them yourself faster, cheaper and more personalized.

- Templates – A design template with layout and wordings is what you’ll need first. Typically, you use a blue background or a blue template for the baptism of a baby boy and pink for a baby girl. Other contemporary color choices include red, purple, orange, and yellow. The templates often come with the wording on it already, but if you want your own wording with a personal touch, you can choose a blank template instead. You can find interesting templates online, or you can simply use a program like Microsoft Publisher.

- Images – To show that they will have fun in the event, use images that show fun such as balloons or cake, but keep them to a minimum as you would want to keep the solemnity of the event as well. You can use religious and catholic images too to show the importance of the occasion. For some, they even add the photo of the cute baby in the invitation.

- Print – As there will be images or photos in the invitation, you do not want to make it look busy by placing too many photos and too much text. Keep the text to a minimum, observe proper spacing to make it readable, keep the font readable, and keep the printing on just one side of the invitation.

- Packaging – You can use regular envelopes, or you can use plain colored ones, or colored and scented ones - it all depends on your preference. You can even print out your own envelopes, complete with addresses and perhaps some custom symbols to indicate a baptism.

- Printing – As with any other printers, they tend to lose their quality when you are down to the last 20 to 10 pages for printing. At this point, you can replace the ink cartridge to maintain the print quality.

When all this is done, you can send out your professional looking invitations to your guests. Remember to allow for a lead time in sending them out as these invitations should reach your guests at least 3 weeks before the event so they can make any arrangements. Baptisms are important celebrations that you share with friends, family and loved ones. You can show your love to them and to your baby by taking the time and effort to make your baptism invitations as special as they can be.

An invitation shows that you will appreciate their presence. Thus, getting a professional looking invitation will show that you are sincere and will really want to make this event a success. For the savings that you will get, you can even use the extra budget for other important things such as the food or prizes and favors for the guests.

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