How to make a canvas print

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There are a few different approaches to making a canvas print. You need to ask your self is you want to have a canvas printing company print the canvas and send to you as a rolled canvas for you to then framed and sell on yourself or if you want to purchase all the materials and printer components yourself and produce its from scratch yourself which cuts out the middle man but is allot more costly to some who is only doing it as a hobbies or if your only just starting out in the canvas photo world of wall art and design.

Ok so if you going to start selling canvas prints on a large scale then you really do need to cut out the middle man and firstly you need to get yourself a computer which most people can have access to these days and you need to have a photo editing software like Photoshop, you dont need to get the full package one which can be very expensive just get the elements package which is very manageable, ok so one you have familiarised yourself with Photoshop and you have tried a few techniques out then you need to think of what printer your budget will allow you to by, ideally you need at least an SA1 size printer to start with and then have a little hunt around the people that are already selling this type of product and see what sizes they sell and you can then base you size frames around what is being sold.

So look for a large format printer then once you have this try a few prints from your test media that will receive with the printer then you need to look at getting your canvas and stretcher bar frames. Stretcher bars frame are the best type of frame to use not only because that it keeps the canvas very taught and tight but with stretcher bar you can buy boxes of certain sizes and you can simply lock in one size with another size to create your frame without having to cut and glue frames together with can be a bit of a nightmare if you have lots of orders to buy out and you only have so much wood or certain sizes, at least with buying boxes of certain size you can keep track of your stock. So once you have the frames look at getting inkjet printing canvas, I prefer the polloycotton canvas myself as its easier to use and is not a bulky as the 100% pure cotton canvas, some might say the cotton is better but it always depends on taste and in my experience e the pollycottn canvas wins from a mile of, and when I mention is easier to use i mean you can stretch without warring that it will ripe, the cotton canvas will ripe if pulled too much. Thats another thing you will need, canvas pliers; this is to help you stretch the canvas over the stretcher bars frames.

So now youre ready to start taking orders and start selling, best way to do that is with a website online as the web is taking over in every subject, if you dont really want to go to the hassle of starting from scratch and lets say youre a photographer and you already have a cliental list then the middle man may be the best option for you so to have the canvas print already processed and delivered to you or if you want to frame them yourself and have the canvas roll sent to you for you to frame and sell on then that will be allot less time consuming, its like anything really you need to want to do it, have lots of passion, and most of all patience and commitment and your time will come but making canvas prints in its own is a fun thing to do if you dont really want to sell on a large scal and just make some pocket money form, its fun and can be a hobbie in its self.

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