How to Look Beautiful Even In Hot Weather?

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You need to be cautious about the makeup during hot weather and save it from getting damaged. Here, you find the mineral makeup most useful. This technique of makeup is not a discovery of the modern age, instead, it relates to the old history, when mineral makeup was in vogue in India, China and in Egypt. The makeup material is a combination of different natural minerals such as zinc oxide, iron oxide and titanium oxide and so on. Normally, this kind of makeup should not contain any chemical, alcohol, dye and artificial fragrance. Varieties of inorganic pigments are used to create several shades of colors.

The base or the foundation of the makeup is created on loose powder. It is more preferred because there is very little chance of any side effect like allergy or irritation from this makeup. All the components like the foundation, blusher and every other article is available in powder form. Naturally, the texture of the skin does not suffer the agony to carry any extra weight, but ensures a natural and transparent look of the skin. On the other hand, if you use a liquid foundation on the skin for your makeup, the appearance of the skin may turn extra glossy, which you may not find suitable in hot weather. In mineral makeup, your skin turns bright and cleaner. You can use a brush for applying the powder foundation and if there are blemishes in the skin, you can use a concealer as well. If you need a golden tint on the skin, you can use the gold foundation, which protects the skin from the damage caused by oxidation and conceals the look of an aging skin.

Zinc oxide protects the skin from harmful rays of the Sun and simultaneously helps to reduce inflammation problems of the skin. It is also very useful for the acne - prone as well as sensitive skin. This makeup does not close the skin pore, which is an additional advantage. The presence, of titanium, gold, zinc and magnesium, helps to maintain the natural flavor of the skin during the hot atmosphere. Take certain extra care to keep the skin normal and natural during heated climatic conditions. Wash your face with a flower-based skin tonic such as lavender or rose tonic to protect the skin from excessive heat. An important tip during this period is deep cleansing. Take care of your skin and look beautiful every day.

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