How To Learn Michael Jackson Dance

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Michael Jackson dance moves have been the cynosure of all eyes ever since the King of Pop burst on the music scene with his trademark dance moves like moonwalking and sidesliding. Even the MJ shuffle is so widely recognized that it can make hearts thrum with excitement. In fact, MJ's Thriller is perhaps the most watched and appreciated music videos in the history of music. So, if you want to copy MJ moves, you're not alone!

The best way to learn Michael Jackson dance is to learn it from an expert. If you are dedicated to the cause and desire perfection, then the only way is to go to an expert in MJ dance moves and learn directly from them. There are several advantages in doing this.

1. MJ moves are not easy to master. A professional teacher who is an expert in Michael Jackson dance moves brings you the best of both worlds, namely MJ moves as well as great teaching. Put them both together and you have the formula for learning success.

2. By learning from an expert, you can perfect your moves quickly. The expert teacher will tell you when you go wrong, thus perfecting your moves. The constant attention paid by the teacher ensures perfection.

3. When you pay for coaching classes, the chances of skipping a class are minimized.

However, many people might find that learning from an expert dancer and teacher is almost next to impossible. There are time and cost constraints. Besides, it is hard to find a teacher near you who can dance and teach MJ moves equally well.

Therefore, an alternative solution is to learn MJ moves from a series of coaching DVDs.

A number of factors may be considered when buying coaching DVDs of Michael Jackson.

1. The DVD must feature an expert in the field. MJ was a versatile dancer, no doubt. Even though there have been umpteen numbers of MJ imitators, no everyone gets it right. The right choice of a tutor would be someone who has passion and technical excellence on their side.

2. The DVD must be of superior quality. Poor lighting, abominable sound quality and improper camera angles can interfere with your learning experience in a big way. Therefore, it is essential to choose carefully and pick a DVD that is impressive, both in audio and visual qualities.

3. Finally, one must pay attention to the teaching method. It is not possible to master all of MJ's moves in a single stroke. Instead, the focus should be on understanding and mastering a number of moves at one time. Excellence builds over time and it takes time as well as effort.

Today, even after his death, millions of people still want to learn how to dance like Michael Jackson. Learn Michael Jackson dance, Visit

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