How to Know your GHD Hair Straightener is Genuine and not Fake

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With the growing popularity of the GHD hair straightener, it seems that no well groomed woman would be without one. Nicknamed the "Good Hair Day" flat irons by everyone who uses them, GHD hair straighteners are one of the most popular on the market today.

GHD hair straighteners are sought after because of their ceramic plates which remain at a constant temperature, their rounded barrel end and temperature protection. As if that isn't enough, GHD hair straighteners also are designed with static-free plates and universal voltage. With all of these features and the two year company guarantee, most people agree that the price of £109.00 to £119.00 is well worth the money for a superb product.

When purchasing a GHD hair straightener, how can you be sure that it's genuine and not a fake? One red flag that a GHD is fake is a low price. If you see cheap GHD straighteners for sale, especially on Ebay or a similar site, it is almost a guarantee that its not the real thing. If the price is well below £100.00, its probably a knock-off.

Many of these knock-offs are made by fraudulent manufacturers in Far East countries. They place cheaper heating units into a GHD type casing. This is not only a safety issue but a fire hazard as well. Beware of any seller on an internet site that is located in one of these countries.

It was thought that a reliable way to identify a genuine GHD was by their hologram brand name tag, but that is no longer the case. Deceptive dealers have been able to duplicate the GHD tags. Along with this, they also add fake security seals to these products which can add to the confusion.

The best possible place to check for reliable sellers of genuine GHD flat irons is the GHD website. On their site they have the following tools to help the consumer buy legitimate GHD products:

-Website checker - you can type in the name of any website that sells so-called genuine GHD products to check if they are authorised sellers

-An in-depth FAQs section that answers many questions about fake GHD products and what to do if you suspect your GHD product is not genuine

-Daily posted list of unauthorized GHD dealers

-Official logo that should be displayed on any authorized seller's website

-Lists of official GHD salons

If consumers will take the time to learn about the product, find approved retailers or buy directly from the GHD company, they can avoid buying a faulty knock-off for considerably less money. Remember, you get what you pay for. Quality is worth the money and quality is what you will get with a genuine GHD hair straightener.

Felicity is a keen commentator writing about hair and beauty for women. GHD styler can revolutionise your hair care regime and make an ideal gift! Read more at the GHD Blog

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