How to Keep Your Hair Sparkly and Attractive to Look Beautiful

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Sparkly and attractive hair is your asset. Give your hair the proper attention, it needs. You have to take care of your hair scientifically and for that you need to take certain steps, which are never difficult. Just take some easy steps and remain beautiful with shining hair all through.

i) Food Intake - this is the prime step in hair care. You need abundant green vegetables and fresh fruit juice to compensate the requirement of your hair. Take milk and fresh yogurt in the dairy section. Your meals should consist of salads, fruits and coconut flakes as important elements. Refrain from taking canned or refined and processed food in high quantity.

ii) Stress - Stress works against your beautiful hair. You have to adopt several relaxing techniques for complete relaxation of your mind. You can practice yoga, meditation or even the most admired music therapy to calm down your nerves, which get irritated during the busy working schedule.

iii) Natural Product - Try to avoid products that contain strong chemicals. Instead, prefer the natural or herbal products for your hair. Use the shampoo for at least twice a week with natural cleanser or conditioner. For extra shine on the hair, use lemon juice and keep it for half an hour on your hair, then rinse it thoroughly with plain water. You can use coconut oil, but be careful to rinse it properly with plenty water.

iv) Oil Massage - It is better to opt for once a week oil massage of your scalp. This is essential to maintain the moisture of the scalp. Use almond oil or coconut oil with your finger tips to massage the entire scalp very gently. You should complete the oil massage at least one hour before you take the shampoo. The main intention of the oil massage of the scalp is to render proper relaxation, which is helpful for your sleep as well.

v) Brushing - Never use the comb on wet hair. Use the comb with large teeth or you can use a wooden comb, which is best suited for this purpose.

Problems of the scalp: you must know that to have beautiful hair, you need to have a healthy scalp. Create a circular motion with your fingers when you are taking a shampoo. With quality blood circulation, nerves are automatically rejuvenated and become relaxed. The scalp remains healthy and flexible.

If your scalp is of dry nature, avoid many shampoo sessions. Shampoo reduces the oily character of hair. Do not use hot water for shampoo; instead, you should use tepid water. In this condition of scalp, use minimum blow-dry method. Use any live-in-moisturizers for a specific hair style. You can make a light scabbing of the scalp to remove the dead skin of the surface.

The oily scalp consumes dirt very easily from the environment. The hair thickens and becomes oily. The blood circulation is also affected due to the oily nature of the scalp. You need to clean your scalp regularly to get rid of this condition. If you sweat profusely, the scalp gets wet. You should dry the scalp with the help of a soft towel and use the comb with large teeth. A herbal shampoo is a better option in this situation and continue to take it at least twice a week before going to outdoors.

vi) Protection in Summer - if you stay outdoors for a longer period, there will be problems for your hair and it may be affected by sunburn too. Hair becomes brittle, diminutive and loses the original shine. You should always use a conditioner enriched with keratin, jojoba oil and protein components. Use a protective herbal conditional during summer months.

You should take proper care of your hair to look beautiful with sparkly and attractive hair.

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