How To Increase Your Chances Of Getting Pregnant Fast

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For you to increase your chances of getting pregnant you will need to take these fertility tips for women on consideration:

Stop Smoking: Smoking affects the fertility of men and Women too, and reduces it, and could increase the problems of pregnancy, it also can cause abortion, and the problems of the placenta, premature birth, and small litter size.

Becareful from the overweight: Obesity and overweight increase the incidence of problems in ovulation, and increase the proportion of infected pregnant gestational diabetes, or high blood pressure or caesarean section, also increases the incidence of bacterial infection, and the large litter size.

Read fertility books, this may increase your confidence and help be in mood, the best recommended book is : Get Pregnant In 7 Days

Weight loss: As obesity lead to fertility problems, weight loss may impede the process of ovulation and pregnancy occurs, and increases the proportion of children born small-sized, and premature birth.

Drugs: The effect of most drugs on fertility is unknown. On the other hand there are many drugs that hinder and prevent a pregnancy, and affect a lot of drugs on pregnancy and cause adverse effects on the embryos.

Folic acid: Taking folic acid before pregnancy period, fertility is active, and eat after the occurrence of pregnancy protects the fetus from defects in the nervous system.

Mental state: that depression and stress affect fertility and delay getting pregnant.

Sports: Sports will help to improve mood and prepare the body to the pressure arising from the pregnancy, and create the body to the birth of an easy and smooth.

Proper nutrition: you only can get pregnant fast if you take care of your nutrition.

Vaccine against the disease: The most important infectious diseases that affect the pregnancy and the fetus are rubella and chickenpox, so if were not immune against them, they deal with vaccines before pregnancy and three months.
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