How to increase life of Human hair wigs and hairpieces

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Human Hairpieces and wigs are one of the best quality wigs that are available in the market. The wigs that are made up of hundred percent human hairs last for several days and take much more time than other wigs before they actually start looking dull. Human hair wigs are also favored and are demanded because of their natural feel. It is not easy to make out that it is actually a wig. They can be treated as if they are actually natural and real. These wigs make the user feel comfortable and it gradually becomes a part of his scalp. These kinds of wigs need to be treated in the same manner in which we care for our real hair.

One cannot imagine a day going through without combing hair. One loves to comb their hair even if very little hairs are left on ones head. People love their hair so much that they want to save them as long as they can. For those who cant use wigs but these hairpieces and wigs also need to be cared and combed regularly to maintain decent look. Just like real hairs daily usage tangles human hair wigs. The wigs have their own special way in which one needs to comb them. One can make use of spray to de-tangle the hair after which one can comb the hair from tips to upwards moving the comb without much force in sections to prevent the wig from damaging.

Our hair and scalp gets dirty by the dust and mud. Wigs that are not looked after properly or protected from dust and dirt becomes unmanageable and can be damaged. To avoid this we need to shampoo the Hair pieces and wigs atleast once in a week. There are some shampoos available in market especially for Human hair wigs. These also include the oil-based shampoos, as wigs do not receive natural oil from the scalp. Some wigs that are available in market can also be worn while shampooing which gives the person feeling of the natural hair bath.

A nice shampoo bath can be followed by the use of blow driers to dry the hair wigs. Human Hair pieces and wigs can withstand the heat of the blow dryers. Synthetic wigs however cannot bear the heat and will certainly melt down so one needs to be careful before using the blow dryers. The curling irons can also be used to give shapes. But one has to be careful with such kinds of heated styling. These methods of styling can damage hair- real as well as synthetic wigs. You can take the Human hair wigs to the stylist for making a new look atleast once a month.

Different kinds of Wigs stands are available in market that can be used to store the Hairpieces and wigs. It is recommended to store the wigs on Styrofoam heads. The stands can also be used for drying wigs. They maintain their shape well in these stands. If one sleeps wearing the wig then they might get bed head look. Human hair wigs must be cared well as they are not as tough as the Synthetic wigs. There are also climatic effects on Human wigs and hence they are to be maintained more regularly than our natural hairs.

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